Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Peeping Tom On The Loose

So this is creepy. Remember the strange encounter I told you about with the unfamiliar man at the gym? Well, I just read that there is a prowler lurking around our neighborhood. He was spotted in the early morning hours, peering into a woman’s window with a flashlight.

Now, I am not one to become overly paranoid, but the description of this peeping tom sounded a little familiar to whatever glimpse I could make out of the man. And, if he is usually out in the early morning hours that would be around the time when I would have ran into him. 4:30am!

EWWWWW, how scary!!! Along with my mase, I’ve begun taking my cell phone with me when I go and I am always assessing the area around the gym before I enter. Thankfully, it is getting a lot lighter out earlier and earlier, so it’s not completely dark when I am there. Still, even though I am more cautious now, it’s entirely creepy to think that there is a freak on the loose in our safe and quite little neighborhood.

How do you use caution when you run or work out? Does anyone have a Road ID? I would really like to get one and I think it’s probably a good idea to carry some form of identification when I run. Maybe I should get a whistle or a taser? Okay maybe that’s a bit much, but you can never be too safe, right?

Well, I thought today was going to be a repeat of yesterday’s gorgeous weather. Sadly, the clouds never broke and it ended up being quite gloomy all day, which didn’t exactly fit with my continuation of Summer’s Grilling meals for dinner this week, but oh well, the clouds didn’t stop me from firing up the trusty Weber.

Toly actually played chef tonight. Hot dogs on the grill are his specialty so I let him worry about the meat while I prepared the rest of the meal inside.

On the Grill-

A TJ’s Organic Chicken Sausage in Sundried Tomato for me
2 Cheddar filled Ballpark Franks for Toly
Corn on the Cob

In the Kitchen-

I made the toppings and sides for the dogs (best part by far!)

My topping was sautéed red onion, green pepper, and mushrooms. I sautéed the onions and peppers in a little evoo and garlic until they were soft, then I added the mushrooms. Once the veggies were cooked and slightly charred, I added a splash of balsamic and brown sugar. This truly makes the best relish ever!

Toly just prefers the simple addition of ketchup with his dogs (boring, I know, but he’s easy to please).

I heated him some waffle fries to go with his meal and I also experimented with the Kale I’ve been growing in my garden. I roasted it to make Kale Chips which were especially tasty tonight. I'm not sure if t had something to do with the freshly grown kale, but I am loving the ability of walking outside, picking some fresh greens and using them in my meals. Not too much longer, and the tomatoes and veggies will be pouring in. Oh joy!!!

What a ballpark meal! We should have kept the Phillies game on in the background for ambience, but I wouldn’t want Toly to get too use to have sports on during dinner. :)

It’s been a long day because I was up earlier than usual. I woke up 15 min before my alarm and decided to just get out of bed, so I’ve been going since 4:15am. It’s probably safe to assume it will be easy falling asleep tonight.

One more day until my wisdom teeth surgery! Ah, I just read over all of the post surgery instructions- ummm, bleeding gums, swelling, nausea and vomiting- are you kidding me?!?!? I’m praying for an unbelievably easy recovery. I do have a 5k planned for Saturday morning, so hopefully I will be okay to run 3 miles by then. We’ll see, I may be walking it…..

Take care everyone!


  1. Ew what a creeper! And I totally agree - you can never be too safe! I remember when I was in high school and my parents found out that there was a sexual predator on the route I jogged - lol definitely changed it up from then on! haha. :)

    And I will definitely be praying for a speedy recovery so you'll be able to have an awesome time at your 5k!

  2. GL with your surgery, I'll be thinking of ya! Let the hubs take good care of you.

  3. good luck with your surgery! At school I run with my cell which had a contact under emergency contact but at home I run with out but its a small town where everyone knows everyone so pretty much every 2 blocks there is a house I could stop at if need be.

  4. That is really scary about the peeping tom! Hope he stays far far away from you! I love the differences in yours and your husbands dinner- this is how Josh and I are too ;) Good luck with the teeth! Its not nearly as bad as they make it sound- just stick with soft foods for as long as you can bare and as I said before DO NOT drink through a straw- my big mistake!

  5. Aaah creepy! I was followed by a construction worker once... scaaaaaaaaaarry!! Be careful! LOL get that Taser!

    Those side effects sound so extreme! One of my "holes" where the tooth was got infected but even then that didn't seem horrible! Be prepared to not feel yourself drool LOL... Hopefully you will recover for you 5k, that's cutting it close!

  6. Oh my, please be careful!!!
    I always bring my phone and pepper spray when I run. If it is dark out or a sketchy area I leave the iPod off. Just be careful!