Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last Meals

Okay well not really, but today is my last day of eating normal foods for a few days. Tomorrow is the big day! All 4 of my wisdom teeth are coming out. Ewww! This idea kind of grosses me out, but it needs to be done, so I will suck it up.

I’ve been hearing that the actual surgery and recovery is not as bad as it seems. The only thing that I am totally bummed about is the idea of not being able to eat solid foods for a few days, but that is where my fabulous green monsters come in. I have a feeling the blender will be put to good use!

So since today is my last day or normal eating for the week, I wanted to be sure that it was done just right.

I started out with a big breakfast- Kashi and Fiber One with berries and vanilla soy and a piece of toast with cottage cheese.

Lunch was a fab salad- Romaine, cabbage, cucumber, grapefruit, dried strawberries, radish, avocado, and Poppyseed dressing.

Dinner was going to be my all time favorite treat- Thai take out, but when I realized that I had tofu and veggies that needed to be consumed, I couldn’t bring myself to spend money on take-out when it was all sitting in my fridge, waiting to be made.

So, being the frugal girl that I am, I decided to make my own Thai Tofu Stir Fry and it was just wonderful. I also felt better about using up the food and not wasting anything because if there is one thing that drives me crazy, it’s throwing away food!!!!

I love stir fry pics- they are always so beautiful!

I also made a quick pineapple thai slaw on the side...

I made Toly his favorite- Chicken Fried Rice. Probably not quite the same as what we would have gotten from Bangkok Wok, but it was a close contender and a whole lot less greasy.

All together now...

And to conclude the final hours of eating, I knew that a big dessert was a must. Not being able to eat for 20 hours is going to blow, so I wanted to go to bed with a full and happy tummy.

Nothing makes me tummy more satisfied than a big bowl of ice cream sundaes! These were outstanding if I do say so. I broiled peaches with a little brown sugar and agave nectar. Then topped the warm peaches with crushed ginger snaps, a scoop of black raspberry fro-yo, and macerated blackberries in melted blackberry jam. Oh and how could I forget about the whipped cream and cherry on top! These sundaes were out of this world good!

A perfect way to end my last meal. Now I am stuffed (mission accomplished) and will be attempting to sleep in tomorrow. My surgery is at 10:30am and I can’t eat or drink a single thing until it’s over, so I’m hoping I don’t wake up early and get hungry or thirsty.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck tomorrow - I think you'll do better than you think!! :D

  2. hope everything goes well tomorrow!

  3. Good luck tomorrow!! I had surgery for two wisdom teeth and it wasn't so bad, you'll be great! : )

  4. You are definitely well prepared! That sundae does sound out of this world.

    Good luck tomorrow! I remember when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out (all 4 as well) I was so annoyed about not being able to eat solid foods. So I went crazy with the ice cream and ended up burning the roof of my mouth. At least the ice cream was delicious hehe :)

    p.s. don't use straws! They can give you dry socket. Dry socket is the enemy!!!