Friday, August 5, 2011

Breath Deeply

If someone out there knows how to invent more hours in a day, please release this information to the rest of the world.  Or just me.  

Just when I thought I was feeling in control of my craziness, I was hit once again with another big event that will take place next week.  It's actually quite crucial so I'm not angry about it, more or less just overwhelmed.  Deep breaths. 

Let's just say by this time next week, I'll either be in a state of bliss knowing we're leaving for vacation the next day or committed.  Either one, at least my chaos will slow down a little. 


1 Nature's Path Flax Plus Waffle with Fig, Fig Spread, Vanilla Chobani, Blackberries, Banana, Almond Butter, Granola

I know it must seem like I'm complaining lately, but I'm really not.  Or at least I'm not trying to.  Everything that is going on right now is entirely wonderful and I feel so blessed for all of these opportunities.  I just wish they would be a bit more spaced out so I could take them all in without feeling like I just need to cross them off a list.

I spent all morning running around from meeting to meeting.  Thankfully, I remembered to bring my Mac with me so I could stop for a working lunch.

Conveniently, Cornerstone was nearby so I jumped inside for a bite to eat and to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

Bubble Tea: Rooibos Tea with Mango Syrup and fresh blueberries 

This is by far one of my favorite drinks.  I really don't like tea, but this is utterly refreshing. 

To eat, I ordered the Black Bean and Mango Wrap but asked for it on a bed of lettuce.  

Black Beans, Mango Salsa, Avocado on a bed of spinach 

This was a great light lunch that gave me just enough power to get through the afternoon.

I had some work to finish up in the office later in the day and started to get hungry once again.  I always seem to get more hungry when I'm busy.  I feel like my metabolism is working harder when my mind is working harder.

I randomly found this bag of granola in the drug store the other day.  It was on sale and had a coupon attached so I figured there was no harm in trying it.

I paired a handful with some Chobani for an afternoon snack.

This granola is awesome!  It's full of nuts, seeds, and big crunchy granola clusters.  My favorite! 

When I got home from work, the only thing I wanted to do was clear my mind.  I asked Toly if we could go for a long walk in the park and he complied. 

Having a dog is a perfect excuse to force yourself outside.  I needed fresh air more than I thought but I initially used the excuse to break from work to take Sammy out.  

It felt great to unwind and talk to Toly about my week.  We've been running in opposite directions lately so a long talk to catch up was much needed.

 By the time we got home, I was starving again.

I had the perfect summer meal in mind.

I started with the idea of Grilled Cesar Salad.

If you have never grilled lettuce before, please try it.  It's incredible!  I halved a head of romaine, drizzled it with a little EVOO and lemon juice and seasoned it with salt and pepper.  We grilled it for about 5 min each side and it got charred, crispy and delicious!

Also on the menu: Sliders!!

Salmon sliders to be exact.

The whole plate: Grilled Salmon Slider, Grilled Caesar Salad, Grilled Corn on the Cob, Grilled Zucchini

Its no secret we like to grill over here.

Tomorrow, I'll be attending a training to obtain my RPM (spin) certification.  The training will go all day Saturday and Sunday so I'm not sure what my blogging schedule will look like.  Wish me luck that one. I don't die and two. that I pass!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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