Saturday, July 2, 2011

Starting It Off Right

Just stopping in quick to say I hope you are all enjoying your weekends!  It's a good long one for most, so already, that's a good start. 

Our weekend has been fantastic so far and the best part is that it's not even half way over. 



1/4 C TJ's Raisin Bran, 1/4 C Nature's Path Multigrain Flakes, Banana, Blueberries, 2 T Nuts About Granola, 1 tsp Mighty Maple, 1 T Hemp Seeds, Almond Milk 

Last weekend when we were at AC, I had the chance to hit up the Banana Republic outlet and picked up this…

The shoes are my favorite.  

Friday was a gorgeous day.  So gorgeous in fact that I think the effects clouded my driving judgement.  I was driving back from a work appointment, windows down, and jamming to some Dispatch, when I noticed flashing red and blue lights in the rear of my mirror. 

Yep, yours truly got pulled over for speeding.  In my defense, the highway was originally 65mph when I started on it and it somewhere turned to 55mph without me noticing.  I was apparently going 73mph.  It took a little pity on my part, but I miraculously got out of it.  Honestly, I credit the shoes! :) 

After work, we opened the house to some work friends for a little happy hour…..

A little later, we decided to bring out the fire and make s'mores.  Toly impressed us with his marshmallow roasting skills…..

 He claims he is the best.  You can hire him anytime for all of your roasting needs.

Our impromptu happy hour turned into quite the evening and we partied well into the night…


Somehow, after all of that, I still woke up incredible early this morning and more than ready to hit up a spin class.

I threw some toast with peanut butter and a banana in my stomach and headed to the gym for an electrifying spin class followed with an invigorating pump class.

My hangover cure is always a good workout.

We spent the morning helping my sister and brother-in-law move and worked right until lunch.

Subway Veggie on Wheat (now with avocado!) 

When we got home, Toly and I did some yard work.  Okay, Toly did yard work and I laid out, but regardless, it was hard work.

I ended up laying down on the couch and completely crashing for 2 hours.  When I woke up, it was already 6pm and dinnertime.

Grilled Vegetable Salad 

I used up the rest of the vegetables in the fridge and thew them all on the grill. (Eggplant, Squash, Peppers, Asparagus)  The salad part was baby romaine, feta, tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes. Dressed with hummus and balsamic and this was truly a delight. 

It's a good thing I got that nap in because we are now getting ready to watch a movie and my chances of actually staying awake through it just went up.  

Anyone have big plans for the 4th weekend?