Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spotted: I'm in the News

Recently, I was contacted by Amanda who writes for a local newspaper around the area in live in.  Amy was writing an article on homemade granola that would feature my friend Sarah's granola company, Nuts About Granola

When she contacted me and asked if I would mind being interviewed for a segment in her article, I was beyond touched.  Even though I've only made my own granola a handful of times, word must have gotten out of my intense infatuation for the stuff which apparently now makes me a granola connoisseur. I'll gladly wear that hat! 

Here is a link to the article if you care to check it out….

There is also a recipe at the bottom featuring my latest granola creation…Vegan Apricot Cherry Coconut Granola. 

Obviously granola was a part of breakfast today….


1/4 C Kashi Go Lean, 1/4 C TJ's Twigs, 1 T Sun Warrior Vanilla, Banana, Raspberries, Chia, Almond Milk, 2 T Natures Path Granola 

I mention in the article that adding just a tablespoon or two in my cereal bowls every morning is what really makes me enjoy cereal as much as I do.  You don't need much to make an ordinary bowl of bran flakes to from boring to glam.

Part of my job requires me to oversee a scholarship program for college students that I hire.  In this program, they partake in a few focus groups that I organize and today happened to be one of those meetings.  One thing about the meetings I organize is that I always provide good incentive through food. Food always works.  Especially good food.


I had the event catered from Wegmans because based on all of my previous experiences, Wegmans always does the best job for a reasonable price.

Baguette Sandwiches 

Harvest Salad 

The Whole Spread 

I love having these kind of meetings because that means there is always plenty of food leftover to nibble on throughout the rest of the afternoon.  I think I did a pretty good job on eating most of that fruit bowl throughout the day.


One food that I absolutely love to remake at home is Mexican.  It's easy, it's quick and it always tastes delicious.  I highly doubt I could mess up a dish that requires you to slather on the salsa and guacamole, although I would probably eat my shoe if it was covered in guac.

Tonight, I recreated a healthy spin on nachos…..

Toly's side was a take on Buffalo Chicken Nachos using my go to buffalo chicken dip recipe with added black beans, corn, and cheese. My side was a Vegetarian version of shredded zucchini, black beans and corn with a sprinkle of feta.

I baked these at 375 for about 15 min.  Once they were pipping hot, I added the appropriate toppings.  Salsa, Yogurt, Shredded Lettuce and Olives. 

 Toly's Buffalo Chicken Nachos

As if this wasn't enough, throw on some of my homemade mango salad and you have yourself one incredible plate of nachos.

Between the two of us, Toly and I polished off the entire dish.  They were too good to let anything go to waste. 

What is your favorite restaurant dish to recreate at home? Mine is Pizza.  I am so particular when it comes to my pizza and I often find it's just better and easier for me to make my own.