Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mean Girls at The Gym

As I was at the gym this evening, I witnessed a scene that I use to see far too often at my University fitness center back in college.

Two girls (probably in their early 20's) were placed side-by-side on matching treadmills.  They were dressed identical in clothes that looked more suitable for a Maxim magazine, hair perfectly in place, face laden with makeup that probably looked as good as it did from when they first put it on, and iphones in hand.

They were walking (rather slowly) and chatting away, not really putting any focus on their actual workout.  I could tell from their cynical giggles that they were using this time in their day to pick out others and point out their indifferences.

To me….this is not working out.  This is using the gym as another source of false identity.  Now I know I may be premature in my assumptions because I don't know exactly their intentions nor do I know if there were particular reasons for their act, but based off of what I saw, it reminded me of how insecure I used to feel going to the gym and the reasons why I stayed away for so long.

In college, girls would use the gym as another meeting place to feed off of innocent prey. I remember being terrified to ever step foot in the fitness room, and I think I might have used it twice my entire time I was there.

When I first became interested in Group Fitness, I wasn't actually a member of a gym.  I started taking classes through a Rec program in school gyms and other various locations.  When I did decided to join a gym, it was solely for the reason of being able to take classes whenever I wanted.  I admit, I was nervous at first, but after I gave it a chance a few times, I realized that everyone was at different fitness levels and no one pointed fingers or starred at me because they were too busy worrying about themselves.

Have you ever felt that anxiety in the gym of "what if I'm not doing it right" or "I bet they are judging the way I look when I do this"?   I think we all have.  But truth be told, it's usually all in your head because more than likely, they are asking themselves the exact same questions.  Sure, you may get those two girls giggling at the person who shows up in spandex that could have probably made a better outfit choice, but I would take a strong bet that those girls are the ones who are the most insecure out of any of them.


1/4 C Yogi Goji Berry Flax Cereal, 1/4 C Natures Path Flakes, Handful Kashi Honey Sunrise, Raspberries, Blueberries, Natures Path Granola, 1 T Vanilla Sun warrior, Almond Milk 


I was presenting a lunch n' learn seminar today so I wasn't able to eat my actual lunch until around 1:30pm.  I packed a salad with me because I am trying to use up all of the vegetables in the fridge, but I knew I was going to want something more….

I swung into one of my favorite coffee shops for a smoothie and their free wi-fi.

Strawberry and Agave with Grapenuts, Soy, and Protein 

This smoothie is delicious.  I love the texture that the grapenuts adds.  I would never think to add them in my own smoothies, but I'm so happy someone else did because it's a fantastic idea.


Tuesday night dinners have become more of a "quick and easy" thing.  Since Toly plays basket ball and I have been taking Body Pump on Tuesday's after work, by the time we get home, we are starving and don't want to waste time cooking.

Amy's Frozen Pizza: Roasted Vegetable with added broccoli, peppers, nutritional yeast, fresh basil 

How do you make an Amy's frozen pizza better than it already is?  You add more veggies of course.

I threw together a simple salad to go along with the pizza.  It turned out to be a wonderful dinner and on the table in 10 min.

Have a lovely evening! 

Are you or have you ever feared the gym or group fitness?