Sunday, June 19, 2011


Today, we celebrate Fathers Day with Toly's Dad.  Even though my dad is away, it was still so nice to be able to spend the day honoring my 2nd dad. 

Before that, Toly and I began our Sunday just like we always do…..

Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes 

 I'm not sure if I really intended these to come out tasting like strawberry shortcake, but they definitely did.  I made a batch of Multigrain Buttermilk Pancakes (using a Hodgson Mill Multigrain Buttermilk Mix with Falx and Soy) and added 1/2 a ripe banana mashed into the mix.

While the pancakes were going, I created a warm strawberry topping by simply adding whole strawberries to a pan and a touch of sugar and warming them until a juicy thick syrup formed.

 Lastly, I layered on Greek Yogurt and then poured on the warm strawberry topping.  Amazing!  Who says you can't enjoy a summer inspired dessert for breakfast?

A little later in the afternoon, Toly's parents showed up and we spent the afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather in our backyard.

Wine was consumed….

And presents were exchanged….

Toly's dad has been wanting a drill so Toly surprised him with a nice drill set.  He was thrilled.

Eventually, Toly fired up the grill and worked on making his dad a feast.

 Grilled Kabob's…..

 I had a Swordfish Kabob that was delicious!  I haven't had swordfish in such a long time and forgot how good it was.  Definitely a hearty piece of fish.

 I especially loved the grilled veggies.  My favorite part of the kabob is always the veggies that comes with.

Enjoyed with a salad and more wine.  Such a tasty lunch.

I'm still feeling full from a late and filling lunch so I think I might just have a bowl of cereal a little later. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and to all of the well deserving fathers out there…..

Happy Fathers Day!