Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Fathers Day Confession

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you may notice that I share a very unique and special relationship with my dad.  

Growing up, my dad and I were inseparable.  He always tells me from the moment he first held me, I was already crawling up his shoulders trying to get on top. 

I spent my childhood living as adventurous as I possibly could, and my dad supported every audacious endeavor I got myself into. 

From riding the biggest roller coaster with me, to coaching my softball teams, to taking me fishing….he never held back to ensure that every opportunity I ever desired was attainable. 

 Sure, there were times as I reached my teens when I thought that his "overprotecting" mannerisms were a way to ruin my popularity, when really, he was saving me from subversive boys who did not have the intentions I swore on my life that they had.

(11th Grade Prom) 

He was right.  He was always right.

(My Wedding Day) 

My dad is an exceptional man.  He spend every ounce of who he is giving back to people that need him. He serves as one of the pastor's of our church and lends his entire heart to hundreds of people almost every single day.

He has taught me so much…..

He has humbled me, he has given me the morals I stand firm on today, he has provided me with unconditional love and showed me that I only deserve this kind of love from another man.

He shares in my excitement and supports me in every aspect.

To say I am a lucky daughter would be modest.  

I am privilege, I am honored, I am blessed. 

Even though I can not spend this year telling you in person how much I love and admire you, please know that as you give your heart to so many others in Ecuador, I am praying for you and always thinking about you, today especially. 

Happy Father Day to my best friend!