Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dating Again

I could not have asked for a better day yesterday. 

I woke up early to make a 7am Spin class at the gym and then met my sister and dad for a wonderful Father Daughter Breakfast.  We were actually celebrating fathers day with him since he will be leaving for a missions trip to Ecuador next Saturday. 

After breakfast and a quick stop at the farmers market, I came home to soak up some sun in the backyard. 

In this month's issue of Shape, there is an article on why you should never lay out in the sun.  Quite anti-climatic I suppose.  It didn't phase me at first, but then I felt bad and decided to go inside.

Oh and I started to get a little hungry, which was probably more of the reason that drove me indoors if I had to be honest….

Berries, Yogurt, Fresh Strawberry Bread from the Farmers Market with Almond Butter

 Along with a massive smoothie: Frozen Pineapple, Frozen Mango, 1/2 Banana, Spinach, Vanilla Protein Powder, Chia, Strawberry Kiefer 

Later that evening, Toly and I headed out for a long awaited date night.  We realized it had been months (since before we moved in) that him and I went out together.  He let me pick the place to eat (he always does) and immediately, I chose my favorite restaurant in the city….

We felt adventurers and went for some fun cocktails over beer and wine. I ordered the Pear Martini (per the servers suggestion).  It was fantastic!  Not too sweet but quite strong.  Only one of these things was more than enough for me.

 We split the Cesar salad to begin and I asked them to hold the dressing on mine.

For my entree, I had the Striped Bass that came with a White Bean Puree and Green Beans.  So very good.

 And Toly had the only dish he will ever get at Bricco, Strazapetti.

 This is never on the menu.  It was once and he has them make it for him every single time we go.

We were both stuffed but when I saw they had a Chocolate Flourless Cake on the dessert menu, I knew we had to split it.  There is a story behind this: Every time Toly goes to Annapolis, he eats at a restaurant that he claims has the most incredible Flourless Chocolate Cake in the world.  It's all he talks about for days when he gets home.  Of course, I have been dying to try this ever since.

This was delicious.  For such a small piece, this was incredibly rich.  It reminded me of a decadent fudge covered in a mocha ice cream.  We didn't have any trouble finishing this in just a few bites. 

After dinner, we saw The Hangover 2.  Definitely what I expected but still hilarious.  

It was a wonderful evening.  Love date nights.  Love my husband.  Love good food and good fun.  

Have a great Sunday!