Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Memorial Day Open House Party

My goodness, what a wonderful four day weekend.  

I fully enjoyed the break from work and blogging and soaked up every moment of the weather, the parties, the time with family and friends, and of course relaxing. 

When I left off, I mentioned that Toly and I were having our BIG housewarming party on Saturday.  I saw BIG because we invited around 100 people and probably had close to 70 throughout the day.  It was quite the party but such a success.  Sadly, I didn't take many photos at all because I was focusing on playing the hostess with the mostest and enjoying myself without feeling obligated to the camera.  Here are just a few that my dad took before the party….

 We started at 1pm and didn't end until 1am.  12 full hours on my feet + one too many margaritas and I was completely spent.

Sunday, we slept in and woke up feeling a little "groggy." Bagels and coffee were a must and then we spent the rest of the morning cleaning like we've never cleaned before.

I wasn't feeling all that hungry for most of the day but ate some fruit and granola in the afternoon.

We decided to keep it light for dinner and since I was seriously lacking veggies, I put together a refreshing salad with grilled asparagus and herbed grilled tilapia. 

This was actually just perfect and settled well.

This morning, I woke up feeling ready to move.  My gym was holding a Quad class today, which is 2 hours of 4 classes, back-to-back.  They were offering my favorite 4 classes so I figured, why not take them all!

I ate a simple bowl of Kashi Go Lean and Berries before I left.

The classes were awesome!  Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Combat and Body Flow.  Normally, these classes are an hour in length but they condensed them to 30 min to give a quick fix of each segment.  Talk about full body.

After the gym, I made my way to the grocery store and came home ready to eat.

 Slice High Protein Sprouted Wheat Bread with Sunflowernut Butter, Banana, Granola

 I also made a huge smoothie of Mango, Pineapple, Strawberries, Spinach and Chia.  It was splendid.

We had plans to go to my parents later on for a picnic so I put together something to bring along.

I made a batch of Angela's 5 Ingredient No Bake Vegan Date Bars.

Oh my heavens these are good SO easy to make.  I'm getting pretty good at this Vegan baking thing.  Maybe that is what was wrong with my baking skills.  It only works for me when I bake vegan.

Considering I shouldn't be eating much dairy to begin with, it's probably for the best.

My parent's put together a delicious dinner.

Fruit Salad

Pasta Salad


My dad was so nice to make me my own Veggie Kabob.  I ate this plus a large amount of that gorgeous fruit salad.

And this little guy focused on eating his sippy cup.

After dinner, we hung out outside for awhile before we all got the brilliant idea to go get ice cream on such a warm summer night.

Brusters is by far my favorite ice cream but since I was already feeling as though I overdid it this weekend and gave my stomach a bit of a stir, I decided to do the "smart" thing and order a small scoop of Sherbet. Still delicious and I don't feel like I'm going to explode.  Probably the best choice. 

Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend.