Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whirlwind Week

Is it really Wednesday already?  Once again, this week is jam packed, which is why I didn't post last night.  I had a full day of work starting at 6am and not ending until 9pm.  But I can't complain because it was a blast. 

Let's see, I began the day with a very very early event.  Every year, I sit on a panel to judge a nation wide student competition called FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America).  It's such a wonderful event and I'm always so happy to do it, although, I wasn't so excited when I found out I needed to be there so early.  

I knew I wouldn't have time to eat a normal breakfast so I packed it to go. 

Overnight Oats in an empty PB jar

 The best portable breakfast.

I made it a point to go out of my way for a Sbux stop.  There was no way I was going to get through the day without a Grande Soy Misto.

The conference is held at one of my favorite places on this earth, The Hotel Hershey.  This place exceeds all other hotels in our area.  It's basically a castle-like Ritz Carlton.

I didn't take any more pictures from here on out.  I was served lunch at the conference which was FANTASTIC!  Immediately after the event, I rushed home to get ready for a little happy hour party.  Last night, my company held its annual Associate Rally and I asked a few of my coworkers to come hang out at the new house beforehand for some drinks and appetizers.

We all had a fantastic time!  I work with a great group of people and a lot of young people that I am good friends with.  We partied the night away right up until my usual bedtime which is when I had to call it a night.

This morning, I was starving for a bowl of faithful cereal, especially after a 5 mile run.

Natures Path Multigrain Flakes, Yogi Walnut Crunch, Blackberries, Banana, Banana Walnut Granola, Mighty Maple PB

 I spent all morning in the office and worked right through lunch.

Salad with Leftover Mango Avocado Salsa and Tuna 

Along with an orange and a mug of water.  The Chobani and Kiwi you see in the background were eaten as an afternoon snack. 

I got home later tonight but still had some time before Toly got home.  I decided to try a new Jillian Michael's DVD, Ripped in 30.  You all know I'm a big fan of Jillian and her 30 Day Shred workouts but I've been over them for awhile now and wanted something new. 

Ripped in 30 is VERY similar to the 30 Day Shred workouts.  It's the same 3-2-1 concept of 3 min of strength, 2 min of cardio, and 1 min of abs.  The only difference I noticed was that it was easier.  The moves were not as intense but I still enjoyed it.  I was on Day 1 Level 1 so I'm wondering if it gets more intense as you go along.  Has anyone tried this DVD yet? 

Dinner was made shortly after my workout.  I envisioned this dinner all day. 

Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches

On Whole Grain Ciabatta Bread with Hummus, Dijon, Spinach and Sprouts 

 I also made a side cesar salad that paired wonderfully with the sandwiches.

I'm already looking forward to the weekend just so that I can get a few days to relax.  Oh and it happens to be my birthday on Sunday so that's always something to look forward to. ;) 

Happy Wednesday!!