Saturday, April 16, 2011

Killer Spin

Happy Weekend Everyone! 

Hope you are enjoying it so far.  

Today was one word….WET! 

It's been raining all day and I'm not talking about your casual spotted shower, I'm saying torrential down pours, floods, and major monsoons. 

Fortunately, it didn't start raining until after my morning to-do's. 

I was up early and at the gym for a spin class.  I was meeting a friend who was taking the class for the first time and asked that I go along and show her what the class is all about.  

Well, 3 songs into the class, I looked over and noticed that she was looking rather white.  She then nearly fell off her bike and passed out!!  Apparently, she had not eaten anything before the class, was not used to working out in the morning, and experienced a shock of low blood sugar.  I rushed off my bike and helped her out of the room where we got her some food and sugar asap!  She was fine after a few minutes and after she got some sugar in her but I felt awful because I kind of pushed her into taking the class.  Hopefully I didn't completely turn her away from spin but maybe taking RMP Intense wasn't such a good idea for a first time gym attender.  

After an "intense" workout, I made my way to my monthly father/daughter breakfast with my dad and sister. 

We met at my favorite place in the entire world, The Hershey Pantry to celebrate my birthday breakfast.  (A week late) 

I was starved by the time I got there and asked for an Iced Coffee and a Bowl of Fruit to eat while we waited for our food. 

The specials looks good today (ie. Peanut butter Stuffed French Toast with Raspberry glaze) but in the end, I could not defer from my true love.

Triple Berry Baked Oatmeal 

This basically tasted like the best cobbler I've ever had.  OMG, Hershey Pantry Baked Oatmeal should be illegal.  Things this good are dangerous.

When I got home, I did some cleaning and then paid a visit to my hairstylist for a routine trim.

When I got home around 2:30pm, I was pretty hungry again.  I pulled out the last of the veggies in the fridge and put together a snack plate for lunch.

Veggies with Hummus and Spinach Dip and Pita Wedges with Mashed Avocado and Sprouts

Toly and I spent the next several hours unpacking the basement.  It was the last of the boxes we had to unpack and we were waiting until it was finished to tackle them.  

It felt good to get everything unpacked but exhausting at the same time. When we were done, I couldn't think of anything that sounded more enticing than a glass of Shriaz. 

Not having any food or motivation to cook dinner, we decided on Thai take out.  It was really the perfect choice. 

I had the mixed veggies with steamed tofu on brown rice. 

 And more wine.

Wine seems to be going down so well tonight (if you can't tell from this post).  The rest of this rainy night we have plans to settle in with a movie and maybe more wine. ;)