Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sinking And Settling In

Moving is exhausting but so rewarding at the same time.  I'm still SOOOOO glad we decided to progressively move ourselves in over the course of a week.  I've really been taking it each room at a time which is so much less daunting.  I remember when we moved into the townhouse, I just sat there staring at  the mountains of boxes throughout the house, not knowing where to start.   The house is being finished this week and it seems like one room gets finished at a time, so as it gets done, I move in.  

I naturally asked that the kitchen be the first priority.  By far, it's my favorite part of the house. 

Another feature I am totally loving with the house is the significant amount of recessed lighting. It gives such a clean, modern look, which is exactly what we were aiming for. 

As far as eating goes, needless to assume, I haven't been doing much cooking.  Actually, I haven't done ANY cooking in the past week.  We've been doing more eating out in the past week than we probably have in the course of six months and today, we pulled a triple play, breakfast, lunch and dinner out.  

Breakfast was a quick stop at Panera for bagels and coffee.  (Sorry, I left my camera) 

We left much time in between breakfast and lunch and just wanted something fast to grab while we were out running errands. 

Toly suggested a pizza place that is right around the corner from our house.  I usually don't go for pizza joints, but I actually really like this one.  They have awesome salads but today, something else caught my eye. 

The Grilled Veggie Wrap

It was delicious! 

I also had one of their great salads on the side. 

After lunch, we made a rather large donation into the Lowe's bank account.  Let me just say, blinds are expensive!!!  When we bought our townhouse, the blinds came included but when we sold it, we had to leave them.  

We didn't even purchase enough for the entire house yet and the thought that this amount is only covering less than half is slightly scary. 

We came "home!!!" and got to work, hanging blinds and doing some more unpacking.  Little by little, things are coming together.  It's finally starting to feel like a normal house and not a construction zone. 

Later on, we realized we still needed to hit up Target for some necessities but decided to grab some dinner first. 

Thai food sounded so good. 

I ordered the Thai Eggplant with Tofu and Broccoli and a side of brown rice. 

I usually flip flop between this dish and tofu curry but I'm particularly glad I went for this one tonight.  It was fantastic! 

I've had the biggest smile on my face all day long because it's finally sinking in that we are in our new home!!!!!  I kept telling Toly all throughout dinner that I was so excited to be able to pull up to our house tonight.  We've been dreaming of this day for months and now, it's finally here.  It's almost as though we're starting over, as it feels a bit like we just got married and we're beginning our lives together.  I guess in a way we are beginning a new life together and every day just keeps getting better.