Saturday, March 12, 2011

Operation Move: The First Night

Hey everyone! 

Just checking in quick to let you know things are moving right along with the new house move.  We have been incredibly busy that I haven't had a second to hardly sit down, but I did managed to find 2 minutes to give a quick update. 

Last night was the very first night we slept in the house.  We FINALLY have running water but the only bad thing is we don't have hot running water and probably won't have that until Monday.  We've run into a few little mishaps with the plumbers but they should be here Monday morning to get the hot water heater installed.  Until then, we've been getting creative to find ways to shower, but that's really the only disruption and its easily worked through. Today, we needed to go back to my parent's to get the last load of our stuff so we were able to shower there and  tomorrow I plan to hit the gym and take use of the shower there.  

I plan to post some pictures later but until then, enjoy this short little clip from our first night. 
(Disclaimer- Please ignore the zombie look.  I reached a level of exhaustion I didn't know was possible yesterday. ;)