Monday, March 7, 2011

Operation Move: Day 2

Today marked Day 2 in our big move.  For those of you who are now just tuning in, we've been building a house over the past 4 months and are getting ready to move in.  Rather than just try to cram the huge move into one day, we've decided to do it slowly over the week as they are finishing up last minute things around the house. 

I didn't sleep a wink last night.  My sleep schedule has been entirely compromised these past few weeks and I feel as we get closer, it gets worse.  I almost died when I woke up to pee at 2am and saw 2 inches of snow on the ground.  Seriously???  It HAD to snow on the day we decide to move.  

Luckily, the snow wasn't that bad and the sun was able to get rid of most of it by the afternoon. 

The Pod arrived at the new house bright and early….

We headed over mid morning to sort though.  It felt so weird to see my stuff again.  I never realized how much I could miss my spoons or my sheets, but seeing them again made me very excited to have these thing back in my life. 

We were actually surprised at how well everything seemed to hold up in the POD.  Our things appeared in good condition and as far as we know, nothing seems to be damaged….yet. 

I still don't have any "good" shots of the house because it's still a little messy as they finish things up, but I did manage to get one of the front today. 

We're still waiting for the stone on the front but that won't be able to go on until it gets a little warmer. That's okay, I can live without it for a few more weeks. 

I did manage to snap a pic of the kitchen tonight.  I am IN LOVE!!!!  The kitchen turned out better than I expected. 

(sorry for the bad photo) 
The cabinets are a deep espresso color and we're getting mocha granite to match.  The island in the center has a built in wine rack on the side.  It's pretty fantastic! 

This morning, I woke up early and decided to spend 45 min with Shaun T doing an Insanity workout before the day.  I wasn't really sure if I would be able to workout, nor am I sure if I will all week, so I figured being up so early, I would take advantage of a workout. 

I waited for Toly to get up and then made breakfast. 

Whipped Banana Oats with Berries, Vanilla Chobani, 1/2 Crumbled Allie Bar


We spent the rest of the morning at the house moving what we could.  The guys made a good dent in the POD and we're hoping to have most of it cleaned out tomorrow and Wednesday.  

After a few hours, we realized we couldn't do anymore without getting in their way of working, so we decided to call it quits and headed home for lunch. 

Leftover Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili 

Fruit (shared with Toly) 

After lunch, I decided to go into work for a few hours.  Rather than just sit home, I figured I might as well go in and check some emails and voice mails. 

I spent around 2 hours in the office and then headed to the gym for a quick run. 

I'm actually surprised I had it in me because I was feeling pretty exhausted but I really don't think I'll be able to run much at all this week and I figured I should probably take advantage of my extra time. 

I did 5 miles in around 45 min and called it a day.  If 5 miles is all I get in this week, I'm okay with that. 

When I got home, Toly and I decided to grab dinner out because we wanted to go back to the house later and we didn't have a thing planned to eat. 

We chose Cafe Magnolia which really is a fantastic place to eat lunch or dinner.  It's also BYOB and we both decided wine was much needed after such a long day. 

Toly likes to pour it….

And I like to drink it….

We were both starving and decided to split an appetizer. 

Spanikopita to share…

For my meal, I got one of my favorite salads.  Grilled Salmon, Balsamic Strawberries, Roasted Red Peppers, Roasted Asparagus and a touch of goat cheese. 

So delicious!! 

Tomorrow is another full day.  I'm going to go into work in the morning since the appliances are being put in in the morning.  There isn't much we can do until the afternoon so we're going to take 1/2 days and do most of our work in the afternoon/evening. I'm hoping to work on the closets and spare rooms tomorrow and hopefully start unpacking the kitchen. 

See you tomorrow for updates!