Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nice Little Saturday

Today was a rather domestically productive Saturday. 

It began like every Saturday should, waking up with the sun and eating a bowl of oatmeal. 

Whipped Banana Apple Oats with Vanilla Chobani, Pear Granola, Almond Butter

Over breakfast, I contemplated what I would do as far as a workout.  You see, I REALLY wanted to do a long run outside but it was the temps weren't even above freezing so that was out.  Then I thought I would go to the gym for a spin class and hope it warmed up later in the day for me to get in a run. The more I thought out that plan the more I realized if I wait until later to run, I probably won't (I'm definitely more of a morning runner) and I'd rather go to the gym tomorrow morning for Body Pump.

Eventually I decided to do a long run but in the basement on my treadmill.

I have a 10 mile race next weekend and to be honest, I feel very unprepared.  With the craziness of life these days, I haven't done much training for it.  Today, I knew I needed to get in one good solid long run in order to feel "mentally" prepared for this race next weekend.

10 miles in 1:23min.  That is 7 minutes faster than the pace group I placed myself in.  I know the miles aren't what's keeping me from feeling prepared, it's the elements.  I have VERY little outdoor or any kind of train runs.  I still run every single day but just in the comforts of my own home.  I know next weekend is going to be different but at least I know I can comfortably do 10 miles and at a good pace.  I should be okay. Right?

Afterwards, I got cleaned up and Toly and I set out to run a bunch of errands.

Lunch was eaten during this but sadly, I forgot my camera.  You'll just have to envision the Grilled Shrimp Salad I had.

When we got home, we spent hours doing some decorating and more unpacking.  The house is looking so fantastic.  We put together a book shelf, hung some pictures and did some more organizing.  I can't wait to do a house tour soon.

I wasn't hungry in the least all afternoon and eventually hunger stuck around 7pm when I decided to start dinner.

Trader Joe's Cioppino over a bed of spinach  

This came together in less than 10 min.  I put together a salad and poured some merlot and this was one restaurant quality meal that took no time at all.

Now we're getting ready to watch a movie and enjoy our first Saturday night, relaxing with a movie.  Ah, I've dreamt of this day for so long. :)