Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sammy Turns 5!!

Happy Weekend!! 

I almost forgot to share a monumental occasion with you.  On Thursday, Sammy turned 5!!!  I can't believe it myself.  In honor of his big day, my mom made him his favorite, angel food cake.  Of course we sang and made a big deal about it.  I know everyone does this for their dog's birthdays so don't pretend like you don't. ;) 

Yesterday, I was scheduled to teach ALL day!  I love days like this but also find them so exhausting.  Teachers- I have so much respect for your ability to stand in front of a class room and talk for 8 hours a day.  To me, this is more exhausting than running a marathon.

I made sure to eat a proper and filling breakfast…..

Overnight Oats: 
1/4 Cup Oat Bran
1/2 Mashed Banana
1 T Chia
Strawberry Banana Chobani
1 t Coco Powder

Added in the AM:  
Dark Chocolate Almond Butter

The school day went by fast and I did have 20 min to stop and eat a quick PB and Jelly sandwich I brought, but didn't have time to photograph it.

Once my long day was over, I was excited to be able to go out and just relax for the night.  We had plans to met some new friends for dinner at ABC Brewery.

I started with a glass of their "ass kick" Chardonnay and it definitely lived up to its name.  Quite a delicious glass.

I was starving for dinner and was also pleasantly surprised to see an actual Veggie Burger on the menu.  We don't have many places around here that offer REAL veggie burgers so this was a nice surprise.

I asked for mine to come with a side salad and ended up eating every last bite.  It was a great night out getting to know some new friends and unwinding for the weekend. 

Today, we have some exciting plans!  Toly and I are going to Annapolis for the night and it just happens to be Restaurant week in the city.  We scored reservations at an incredible restaurant where I plan to fully enjoy the seafood infused 4 course menu! 

First, it's another spin class though.  Better get moving. 

Enjoy the weekend everyone!! 



  1. awwwwww! Happy birthday to Sammy! What a great way to celebrate :) Glad teaching went well and that burger out looks awesome. Guacamole on top is a fabulous addition. Enjoy Annapolis and the tasty eats. I'm off to Body Step :)

  2. What a fun weekend! have fun in Annapolis.

    Teaching is sometimes exhausting, but remember we have down time some days too. It's nice to get those breaks when the kids do things like testing or independent work (that or I'm incredibly blessed to have a bright class this year that doesn't need a lot of extra help). BUT! It is fun to get up and talk for hours each day. I guess I fulfilled my dream of being an actress because teaching is definitely putting on a show for 20 kids each and every day.

  3. Aww happy birthday to dear Sammy!!

    Have fun this weekend!!

  4. happy birthday Sammy!!!! Kotah's birthday was on Tuesday -he turned 3!

    have a blast this weekend. Let's get lunch soon xoxo

  5. Happy Birthday Sammy! How fun! :D Sorry that you're dealing with all the house frustrations girl, I can understand what that's like. Your pictures look great though! Can't wait to see it with all your stuff!

  6. Happy Birthday to Sammy! I'm sure he enjoyed his cake.

    Have an awesome 4 course seafood meal!! :]

  7. Oh Happy Birthday Sammy! Your first picture was so adorable. I laughed out loud! And I also admire teachers who are on their feet 8 hours each day. It takes so much energy! I hope you two had an amazing dinner tonight. Thanks for sharing!I hope you have a restful Sunday full of love and laughter!

  8. Aww, too cute! Happy birthday pup!

    Seafood infused 4 course dinner? Heck yeah! Where do I sign up! Hope you have a great time!

  9. How sweet! I can't WAIT til next year when we can celebrate my dog's birthday. She is pretty spoiled as it is, but I can always use another excuse to go overboard for her! xoxo