Sunday, February 27, 2011

Overnight Annapolis

I know it seems like we go away a lot these days, and I guess we have been indulging in our fair share of  overnight stays for the past few months, but it's all for good reason. 

Living with your parents is not hard.  Being married and living with your parents IS hard. Taking overnight trips and mini weekend getaways are not only a nicety, it's actually a bit of a necessity in order for Toly and I to connect and stay sane during such a stressful time. 

So yes, we got away again, and it was entirely wonderful and so worth it. 

Backing up, yesterday morning, I woke up early to eat a good breakfast and make it to an early morning spin class. 

Ezikle English Muffin (1/2 with almond butter, mashed banana, 1/2 with strawberry cream cheese and strawberries)

A side of Mango and Blackberries with Apricot Mango Yogurt and a piece of crumbled Apricot Muffin

I knew spin would leave me starving and we had so much to do before lunch would be able to be consumed, so I wanted to make sure I ate enough to keep me happy. 

Surprisingly, this breakfast was so satisfying and filled for about almost 6 hours!!  

On our way down to Annapolis, Toly and I stopped for a quick bite to eat at Cornerstone Coffee House.

The special sounded so good so my decision was easy.  

Roasted Portobello Mushroom, Roasted Red Pepper, Spinach and Goat Cheese on grilled Cibatta 

After lunch, we hit the road and arrived in Annapolis in no time. 

I love Maryland and I love so many of the little towns that are submerged in this state.  Ironically, I had never been to Annapolis but heard so many good things about it.  Toly frequently visits this city for work so he was able to get us a really good deal at a waterfront hotel right in the heart of the city. 

We checked in and spent some time walking around town, perusing the quaint little shops. 

I forgot to mention, it happened to be restaurant week in Annapolis which is my favorite week in any city. 

I checked out some of the menus beforehand and settled on the one offered at The RockFish 

We hung out at the hotel for a bit before our 7:30pm reservation. 

Outfit for the evening

Our hotel offered complementary shuttle services which was nice, but once they dropped us off, we realized the restaurant was so close we probably could have walked. 

I started with a glass of Pinot Grigo.

First Course: Baby Greens, Butternut Squash, Raisins, Walnuts in a White Balsamic 

 Main Course: Stripped Sea Bass in a Tomato Wine Broth with Braised Greens and White Beans 

 I definitely enjoyed this dish.  The fish was delicate and flakey and the sauce was light and not heavy at all.

We waited a couple minutes to digest before the dessert course.  I had to order a cappuccino to go with dessert.

Dessert Course: Apricot Brioche Bread Pudding

Oh my, it was delicious!!!  I ate about half and was fully stuffed.

We decided to walk back to the hotel and enjoyed the fresh air and digestion time.

It was still early and we weren't ready to call it a night quite yet, so we visited the hotel bar for a drink before bed.

Mango Mimosa- Champagne and Mango Juice 

Feeling a little tipsy, we called it a night after one drink and crashed until the morning.

Toly and I both woke up around 7am, laid around a bit and then made our way downstairs for breakfast.

I ordered the Oatmeal with Banana.  It came with a Bagel but the oatmeal was more than enough.

After breakfast, we took our time getting ready and eventually checked out and hit the road.  We made a quick stop at Whole Foods for some groceries for the week and then headed home. 

Close to home, it was nearing lunch time and I started to feel my stomach grumble.  Toly pulled off at an exit with lots of food choices which we were happy to find a nice little sandwich/bagel shop. 

Veggie Bagel on Whole Wheat and Hummus 

I couldn't wait to dig into my Whole Foods Jumble Cookie for dessert…..

This was such a nice getaway.  I loved Annapolis and can see why Toly enjoys going here so often for work.  Maybe next time he has to go, I might come with! There is definitely so much to do and I would love to go back in the spring or summer when the boats are out. 

Tonight, we are celebrating Toly's mom's birthday with the traditional Russian Birthday Chinese Buffet. Oh how I love Toly's family but I think I need to introduce them to Thai food soon.  :) 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 



  1. Aw :) What a nice weekend away! Dinner looks great. I love White Balsamic dressings on salad (YUM!). Was Toly drinking a white russian? Josh LOVES those too. I had oatmeal out this morning-very tasty. Enjoy the celebration tonight

  2. Ah you look so cute and happy! Can you believe I have never been to Annapolis? One of my good friends in hs had a house up there too (well his parents did). I never made it up there for a night of shenaniganing though.

    Have a great night, Lauren!

  3. Aww your getaways have looked so fun! I'm glad you're finding a way to relax during this transition period. Living with my parents SINGLE is hard enough for me, so I can imagine that it would be really difficult married!

  4. Love love love your outfit for dinner - so cute! Have a yummy dinner tonight :)

  5. So glad you're finding time for the two of you. Everything sounded fabulous!

  6. What a wonderful weekend get away! My husband has had to travel A LOT these past few weeks. It's nice to just spend alone time with him. No matter where it is. Which I'm sure you totally understand!
    I totally want one of those cookies from Whole Food's now!

  7. What a GREAT getaway! It sounds like you both had a great time. I completely get that living with your parents while being married would be rough! You are amazing for sticking it out!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! You should definitely check out Annapolis in the summer!

  9. You guys most definitely deserve multiple overnight stays at this point in your life! I'm glad you have a great weekend with Toly, and still can't wait for you guys to be in your new beautiful home! :]

  10. Fun get away! I really think Ben and I rebuild our relationship during trips like that :)

  11. Lovely weekend! And hooray for celebrating Russian style :D

  12. cute blog!!

    your meal choices are definitely inspiring new ones for me, so thanks!

    i'm glad you had a fun trip :)

  13. I totally understand about needing weekend getaways, especially when you live with other people. So glad you got to go!

    We go to Annapolis a couple times a year! We went to RockFish last year for our anniversary, too. So good!!! Glad you liked it, and had a nice weekend :-)

  14. @Katie MarHey Katie! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm so happy to provide you with some new tasty ideas. :) Hope you stick around.

  15. @KatieThat's so cool Katie! I definitely liked RockFish but I'm excited to try more wonderful restaurants in the city.

  16. Hi new reader here saying that as it gets warmer you guys should totally check out Wye Island! It's about thirty miles past Annapolis (over the Bay Bridge) but it is absolutely gorgeous with great hiking trails. Best of luck!!