Thursday, February 24, 2011

House Update!

Hey everyone!  

As promised, I wanted to give you some updates on the house. 

We are in the final stages and starting to see everything come together.  The tile is all in, the trim is done, the painting is complete and now it's just waiting for things like cabinets, appliances and all of the finishing touches.  The problem is, waiting for these things puts other things on hold.  For example, we need the cabinets to go in before the appliances can go in or the counter tops are done.  The cabinets took a little longer than expected which put us back, thus pushing everything else back.  Normally, these little hinderances don't have too much of an effect, but when you are in the final weeks, it means everything else is put on hold, including the move in.  That is where major frustration comes in, but really, the only thing we can do is wait and bask in the beauty of what has been done so far: 

Downstair entry way tile 

Our Master Bedroom 

Upstairs Spare Bathroom

Beautiful Tray Ceiling in the Dining Room 

Breakfast area/kitchen

The Kitchen 

So you see, it's really coming along and in just a few weeks, we'll be in!!! In the meantime, do bare with me as I try to keep it all together.  This is one stressful time. 

I had quite a busy day. 

Kashi Go Lean, Kashi Berry Blossom, Berries, Vanilla Chobani, White Chocolate Wonderful, Vanilla Granola 

After a morning in the office, I needed to run out for a quick meeting and afterwards, decided to stop home for lunch.  

I used the leftovers from last night and added some bulk to the salad.  I think I added chic peas, asparagus and beets and then had a great idea of plop some hummus on top. 

I also heated up the leftover pizza put added some tomato chutney to one of the slices. 

I ended up staying late at work and didn't make it to the gym.  I'm so use to running after work that I fear sometimes I may not be hungry for dinner if I don't run.  I always work up my appetite with a workout after work, so I wasn't sure how hungry I would be for dinner.

Turns out I was hungry.

I made us some quick Burrito Bowls by using brown rice, grilled tofu, broccoli, peppers, and tomato.

New cooking method: Grilled Tofu!  I usually just pan fry it but this way was great!  Love the grill marks.

The bowl was missing something…..

Oh right!  The essential condiments.  Gauc, Salsa and Greek Yogurt
Mmmmmm, tasty! 

Well, I'm off.  We are meeting our builder tonight, a little later than I would prefer, but I'm willing to make sacrifices when it comes to house talk. 

See you tomorrow!! 



  1. Wooo hooo how fun!! Congrats!!! xo

  2. ah! The house is looking FABULOUS. Love the tile in the upstairs bathroom (big tiles are so gorgeous) and the tray ceiling!! Y'all are going to be super happy. Lots of yummy meals- but I want your lunch.

  3. The house is looking awesome!! I love the tile in the kitchen area. So pretty! The colors came out so nicely as well.

    I always find when I don't work out, I'm MORE hungry for dinner. I don't know how that even works.

  4. House looks incredible! It will be so so beautiful when all finished.
    And I sometimes worry about not having an appetite on days I don't work out too, but it's always there without fail:)

  5. Your house looks amazing!! Hopefully time will fly and you guys will be there before you know it. The pizza looks delicious! I seriously do not like tofu that much...I don't know if it's just the kind I've had, but it always has a weird texture. Is that normal?! :)

  6. girlfriend! LOVING the new house - it looks modern, clean and absolutely adorable. i can't wait to see how you decorate it!

    also, i love the new header - super cute and modern, just like you :)

    annnnddddd, since i just caught up on a bunch of your posts, i have to say that i love your breakfast bowls, love story with toly and that cute cute cute punkin' of a nephew. have a great night lauren!!!

  7. Good luck with all of the house stuff! My parents were going through that with the house they're in now. It was only supposed to take 6 months but ended up being 2 years!

    I think that breakfast would be a great start to my day. :-)

  8. The tray ceilings are perfection! Focus on those! :)

  9. The house is looking so gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the complete finished product once you've moved in!!

  10. Your house is looking awesome!! I love tray ceilings, they add so much character.

    Can't wait for you to get all moved in :]

  11. Wow! Your house looks beautiful so far!!! I really like the ceiling in your dining room! I can't wait to see how everything comes together. It's going to beautiful I'm sure :)

  12. the house is looking great! :)

  13. Your house is going to be absolutely gorgeous when it is all finished! I am so excited to see pics :)

  14. having a home under construction can be so frustrating! especially the kitchen!
    But it looks soo good and it will be epic to make your first meal in a brand new kitchen!!

  15. The kitchen/breakfast area is totally my favorite part of this house, Lauren!! I'll bet your pictures will turn out beautifully in that much natural light, too. ;-)

  16. Great pics of the house! I love the little breakfast nook!

    Mmm, your burrito bowl looks great! I just went to Chipotle for the first time yesterday and had one of their chicken burrito bowls! It was good, but I wish it had had more veggies. Guess that means I'll just have to recreate it at home!

  17. It's coming together so quick! I love it, keep the updates coming!!