Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

This weekend just flew.  I just realized that it's almost over and trying to hold on to the fact that I have one more day but it's not working so well.  I want another 3 day weekend! 

Oh well, I guess we can't always get what we want. 

When I looked back through my pics of yesterday, I noticed how well I ate.  Love days like that!

Breakfast began with a classic "pre-workout" meal.  

 Bowl of Chobani Vanilla and Strawberries

 1/2 Whole Wheat Bagel with PB, Mashed Banana, Cinnamon 

 I eat this breakfast quite often before a race or a significant workout.  This morning, I had plans to attend the release of the new Body Combat, which I knew would be intense.  I didn't want a huge bowl of oats sitting in my belly while I got my inner warrior on.

Combat was fantastic!  I think I've mentioned this before, but it could be my favorite out of all the classes I take.  When I first started working out many years ago, I was obsessed with Billy Blanks Tae-Bo and would do his workouts every day.  Combat brings back these memories but it's 10x better than Tae-Bo.

After Combat, I decided to stick around for Body Flow (a version of yoga, pilates, and thai chi).  Every time I stay for Flow, I realize how I should do this more often.  It feels incredible.

Later in the afternoon, Toly and I had some errands to run and decided to stop for lunch.

I let him choose the place and to my pleasure, he went with Cafe Magnolia.

Even though the veggie wrap is my favorite there, I wanted something different today.

 Tostada Crab Salad (Crab Salad between 2 Crispy Tostadas on a bed of lettuce with pico de galo and sour cream) 

It was deliciously light but filling. 

Later on, I had plans to meet my friend Jess for a girls night.  We spent the night at her place eating fantastic Thai take out, watching Easy A, and sipping on Reisling. 

A great night! 

Today looks a little something like this….
  • Breakfast
  • Gym (Body Pump) 
  • Grocery Store
  • Making Enchiladas
  • Dinner at Jen and Brian's
Let's get on with this Sunday! 



  1. What a fabulous day :) I want a three day weekend too! Combat is a really amazing class. I think I told you this- but I really wanted to certify to teach it. I was already teaching 2 cardio classes at the time so opted for pump instead. You should get certified! What a yummy dinner & night in with a friend. Josh & I did that last night and it was glorious

  2. Where's the football game on your agenda!??! :)

  3. So much fun!! But yes, I agree - TOO SHORT of a weekend!

    Enjoy your Sunday, dear Lauren! xoxo

  4. Oh my gosh, we used to do Billy Blanks Tae-Bo in high school gym class! I hated it and would secretly plan his demise while suffering through the insane amount of kicks and jabs!

    Was Easy A not the cutest? I so want to make "Pocket Full of Sunshine" my ringtone! ;)

  5. Hey!
    I think you may go to the gym that I used to go to! Those class names sound familiar!
    I love reading your blog and getting healthy ideas!