Sunday, January 23, 2011

Early Sunday Ramblings

It's early, but I know I won't be able to post tonight because we have plans to go over to Jen and Brian's for dinner and the game 

It always feel so good to wake up naturally on Sundays.  Naturally for me is usually anywhere between 6:30-7:30am.  Never before, never later.  

Today, it was 7am on the dot.  

I got out of bed, checked my email and waiting for the sleeping price to wake before I started breakfast. 



We contemplated going out for breakfast, but I figured I could easily make us Sunday morning without much effort.  Plus, it was freezing outside so the thought of getting dressed to go eat was not appealing.

Glad we chose to stay in because these were some of my best eggs and pancakes.

Even though I didn't have any intentions of getting dressed for breakfast, I did have intentions of getting dressed after breakfast to go to Body Pump.

For some reason, I got to the gym pretty early so while waiting for class, I did an easy 10 min on the Arc Trainer and 10 min on the bike.  Sundays are my rest days from cardio so I didn't push at all.  Just enough to get my legs warmed.

After class, it was time to shop for food and then back home (to my parent's house) to unpack and eat lunch.

 Veggie Burger Salad 

I get strong urges for veggies and I find the best way to curb this is by making one big salad.  I always need some kind of protein when I am eating a salad for a meal, which is where the Dr. Preagers Veggie Burger came in.  And I'm not sure who told me this, but balsamic and hummus is a match made in heaven.

A few hours later, I wanted something a little sweet.

Applesauce, Yogurt, A few Cinnamon Puffins, Sprinkle of Granola 

We have plans for a Mexican fiesta tonight and I opted to bring the main dish.

Pumpkin Black Bean Enchiladas 

Creamy Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas 

These are sitting outside in the outdoor icebox until we're ready to leave waiting to be cooked at Jen's house so they are piping hot for dinner. 

I didn't really follow a particular recipe for either of these so we'll see how they turn out.  I'll hold off on sharing the recipes until after we taste them, just to be safe. ;) 



  1. Glad you had a nice Sunday morning :) I naturally wake up around the same time as well. AND, oddly enough, it was 7 AM on the dot for me today too. Beautiful eggs. Love scramblers. I get strong cravings for veggies too. The variety in your salad is just gorgeous. I wish I was going with you to dinner tonight just for one of those enchiladas!

  2. Your day's worth of food looks like exactly what I might eat on a sunday. Love pancakes...and also the salad with the veg burger, and so on.

    I also like to get up early (naturally) on Sundays...the day is longer that way!

  3. Wow, everything looks so delicious, especially that salad!

  4. Oh those pumpkin black bean enchiladas look and sound so good! I'm sure that everyone is going to enjoy them tonight. Can you believe the weekend is already done? Thank you for sharing such beautiful eats with me. Your words and your creativity are blessings in my life. I hope you have a bountiful week!

  5. Hmmm..enchilada's.

    They sound really good; hope they taste just as well! :-)

  6. Question - I've always thought Dr. Praeger's weren't very high in protein (like 4g or so?) and so always considered them more a serving of veggies as opposed to a protein source. Are they a better source than I think?

  7. ok so i had a mexican salad with PUMPKIN seeds in it! who knew mexican cuisine and pumpkin went so well ttogether?! i was so excited

  8. I always do balsamic and hummus as my dressing! It is amazing.

  9. LOVE Pancakes on Sunday :)
    Have a good night!

  10. Can I just copy your entire days worth of food?

  11. We had pancakes yesterday, too! I almost never make them for myself, but we were at a friend's house and she made the BEST batter with buttermilk.

    I'm sure the enchiladas were a hit!

  12. I JUST was salivating over a pumpkin enchilada recipe at Peanut Butter Fingers- they sound SO good. Hope they turned out well!

  13. those enchiladas look bomb!!

  14. Girl those enchiladas look amazing! I'm about to hit the grocery store and then I'm having me a big ol' plate of veggies too!