Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Goals for 2011

My goodness, you all had so many wonderful things to say on my last post about the new year diet craze.  I'm glad to see that you agree with me and that I'm not the only one who is disheartened with the over exaggerated attempts from the media to establish "health" for the new year.  Don't get me wrong, I do think that there are valid campaigns out there and I don't think that all of them are pointless, but I just wish there was more to it all than just to loose weight.  Why would anyone be excited to start the new year by ruling out all of the foods they can no longer have?  I always say, it's not what you ARE eating, it's what you're NOT eating. 

Anyways, despite my rant, I want to emphasis that I do believe in setting goals and I think the new year is an ideal time to do this.  If you have nothing to work for, then why bother?  

That being said, I finally took some time to think and write out all of my goals for 2011.  Not only my health and fitness goals, but my overall wellness goals. 

My Goals for 2011

1.) Run my second ½ marathon- I ran my first ½ marathon last September and was signed up for my second one last year but due to my health and injuries, I was unable to carry it out.  Next year, I’m ready for a new PR!
2.) Start using my Primary Fitness Instruction Certification and teach at my gym- I became certified by the AAAI/ISMA in October and have every intention of using this.  I’m looking to start my own Bootcamp class at my gym; I just need to get the details in order.
3.) Get certified in Personal Training – I really want to go back to the AAAI/ISMA          
Conference next year to get my PT certification.
4.) Swap out one cardio workout for yoga once a week- Every time I do yoga, I kick myself for not doing it more often.  I know my body needs it (or at the very least, a good solid stretch at least once a week) Rather than try to fit in another workout (which would just be crazy for me at this point) I want to swap out one of my cardio days for a yoga day.

1.)   Continue to remain in remission with my Ulcerative Colitis- No more hospital visits please!
2.)    Gain 10+ pounds- I know this sounds backward but for me, it’s a personal goal that I’ve been working toward for years. Ever since I’ve gone through the health conditions I have, I’ve been on the journey of gaining weight.  It has not been an easy or quick process, but since my diagnosis and the start of my treatment, the weight gain process has FINALLY started to take notice.  In just a year, I’ve put on 15 solid pounds and after years of eating right and working my butt off with strength training and lifting, my body is finally starting to catch up.  15 pounds may seem like a lot, but for me, I know I’m not done.  I hope to put on at least another 10 pounds this year.  I know if I want to start a family in the next few years, I need to get my body to it’s healthiest state.
3.)   Incorporate more protein into my diet- I don’t eat meat.  Meat = protein.  I need to find more ways to get protein into my diet other than just soy and Greek yogurt.
4.)   Cut back on gum chewing- I have an addiction to chewing gum and probably go through 5 pieces a day or more.  Now granted, ever since my tainted wisdom teeth surgery, I’ve lost all feeling on the right side of my mouth so chewing gum is actually painful.  You’d think that would be enough for me to just nix the habit altogether, but it only caused me to chew more but less frequently.  I can only chew a piece of gum for about 2 min, then I spit it out and pop in another piece 20 min later.

1.)   Give more- Toly and I donate to St. Jude’s every month but I feel like we just do this to do it and I really want to find more creative and meaningful ways to give back.
2.)   Shave at least $25 off our weekly grocery bill- I am constantly working on this one.  I spend A LOT of money on groceries.
3.)   Save for wants- I’ll admit, I’m not good at seeing the things that I want as an expense that I need to save and work for.  If I see something that I want, I usually just get it because I know we have the money for it now. But this will not always be the case and is definitely not a good habit to endure.
4.)   Start to understand our finances more- This is going to sound awful, but for a living, I am a Financial Education Coordinator meaning I teach students on the well being of personal finance and financial education.  In real life, I have not the slightest clue about our own personal finances.  Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but really, I have a wonderful husband who is a Financial Manger and does EVERYTHING with our budget.  He is so very good at it too.  J  I want to start to take more of an active role and supporter in this area of our lives. For example, know how much our monthly expenses cost us each month.  At this point, I haven’t the slightest idea.

1.)   Be more present in the moment: I tend to get so caught up in schedules and what is coming next, rather than learning how to appreciate the moment while I am living it.  I think I may be a little too organized because when something doesn’t go as I planned, I have a hard time accepting the change.
2.)   Be more aware of my relationships: My husband, my family and my friends are all such valued people in my life and I feel as though I need to spend more time finding ways to show them that.  
3.)   Pray- I don’t spend nearly enough time as I’d like focusing on my spiritual health.  I want to start going to church routinely again and devote more time to my relationship with God.
4.) Embrace myself for who I am, not what I want to be:  Sure there is still so much more I want to 
        accomplish and so much soul searching I want to conduct in order to be better as a human being, but I also   
       need to learn to let up on myself from time to time and recognize that who I am and how far I’ve come 
       should never go unnoticed.  I need to celebrate my accomplishments more often rather than just look past 
       them and on to the next one.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with these goals.  I don't intend to set out to accomplish them all in a day, but I do think it's a good idea to write out continual aspirations to work towards.  I think I will print these out and place them somewhere that I can remind myself of them frequently.  Accountability is just as important as motivation.  

Now, let's move on shall we?

Breakfast this morning was something a bit different but extraordinary. 

Cranberry Almond Oats with a few Kashi Harvest Nuggets, 1/2 diced Green Apple, Applesauce, Pom Seeds, Pumpkin Dip, sprinkled with Pom Granola 

I just bought these Quaker Harvest Medley Cranberry Almond Oats with a coupon.  I use 1/2 the packet and mix cereal into the bowl.  Lately, I've really been into the creamy crunchy combo in my breakfast bowls.  1/2 cereal, 1/2 oats is the best of both worlds. 

For lunch today, I called upon my sister for a visit.  As much as I love spending time with her, the real purpose for my earning to go over was of course, for this….

 I can't get enough and I don't think I ever will.  Seriously, when this kid is 15, I still see myself invading his life every chance I get.

I graciously offered to bring lunch in exchange for some baby time.

 Isaac's Deli Mediterranean Salad with Black Bean Burger and a little Broccoli Slaw.  Served with a pickle and a pretzel roll

Delicious.  The food and all the baby love I received. ;) 

After work, I went to the gym to watch Ellen and do the run thing.  I find that more of my motivation to run in the winter is to stay warm on the convenient treadmill and to watch Ellen on my own personal TV.  I'm not even trying these days, it's more of a stress release.  Gosh, I need to start training for something so I can actually run for a purpose. 

When I got home, I was about to heat up soup for Toly and I when I was surprised with a few extra guests for dinner. 

My parents had not eaten and then look who came back for round two! 

Luckily, I had just enough soup to ration for the entire family.  

I also put together a salad.

Still plenty of bread leftover from Christmas.

I finally remembered to take a picture of the Turkey Corn Chowder I made for Toly the other night.  It's even better the next few days.

So I remembered to photograph Toly's dinner, but completely forgot to do mine, so I'm using a recycled picture from the other night.  This Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup rocked!!!!

A nice impromptu family dinner was had.  One of the perks of being at home is always having family around.  I guess you could take that either way, but I really do appreciate being surrounded by loved ones so often.  

That concludes today.  

Have you set any goals for yourself in the new year?  Do tell…..



  1. Your nephew is SO adorable! GREAT goals. I am so with you on the decreasing gum chewing....I chew wayy too much gum. Goals for 2011? Definitely be present and enjoy more time with family & friends. I would also like to work on patience. Fun dinner. Soup & bread....just so good in the winter. I totally want to try making your crab soup

  2. What an adorable baby!! I think your goals are awesome, especially your well-bring goals. Staying present is something I have been working on and will continue to work on. You're right, it is very easy to get caught up in day to day life, that we forget to just breathe and enjoy the moment! Very thoughful goal list!

  3. one of my goals is to focus more on my spiritual health. i think it will help my mental, emotional and physical well being.

  4. I can totally relate to almost every one of your goals -- most specifically, the 15lb weight gain. I'm on that band wagon as well. Can I ask what you were diagnosed with and what treatment you're going through?
    You're such a hard working and focused woman, I know that with strength and prayer you will make it through! :)

  5. Your nephew is so cute! I love your goals for the New Year-very attainable and realistic in a healthy way;) Looking forward to following your blog into the new year!

  6. Great list, good luck with all your goals. You put together a pretty great family dinner on short notice. :)

  7. You have such a cute nephew!! Your goals are great...I like how you touched on a bunch of different categories with your goals.

  8. freaking AWESOME GOALS! I love those! I KNOW gaining weight is no walk in the park!! I have gained about 30 pounds in 4 years and seriously would never, EVER go back! I feel so much better, and I LOOK much healthier. I think thats a great goal!!! I really need to sit down and think/pray about my goals!

  9. I'm not the best with resolutions, but this year I have a goal of sending birthday cards to each of my family members and close friends this year. :) My grandma does this, and loves it. I know I always look forward to getting cards on my birthday, so I thought I'd spread that "warm fuzzy" to my family and friends.

    I've also set a goal of running a 10k in May and a half marathon in October.

  10. thank you so much for sharing your goals with us! i haven't thought about mine yet - but they usually are very vague...i gotta get more specific!

  11. Those sound like GREAT goals!

  12. Great goals!

    Mine are to do more strength training, yoga and to sign up for another race. I'm looking at a half marathon in May.

  13. you have wonderful goals! I am currently trying to get mine together!!!

  14. Love your goals! Love especially that you are being so holistic in your goals by looking at so many different parts of your life. :) Good luck in the coming year! I hope 2011 goes well for you. :)

  15. I love and admire your goals, Lauren. Best of luck with them!

  16. Those are some seriously amazing goals. I love that they're so well thought out and reasoned- I feel like so many people make resolutions just to make resolutions. Good luck with everything in 2011!!

  17. this is why I LOVE your blog - you are honest & have realistic goals. Seriously, not many people would make it a goal to gain weight even when they know its better for them!! You put things in perspective for me - my dad just told me that I look a little too thin and need to put on 5 lbs in order to train for my marathon and you've just given me the extra push so THANK YOU :)

  18. wow, what a great list of goals! you will accomplish them all :) P.S. the nuts are so dang good, thank you again!

  19. I admire your goals. Congrats on being able to express the weight gain situation. I am slightly in the same boat but because I am not able to exercise at all right now (and have not been for 3.5 months) I have lost so much muscle. Your an inspiration.