Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year New You

I always hate this time of year.  Funny, you don't usually hear people say that around the holidays, but let me explain.

I always hate the few weeks after Christmas for a few reasons.  One. Christmas is over and the aftermath of feeling those post holiday blues sets in.  I hate seeing anything Christmas related after December 25th.  It just seems so mean to play "Deck the Halls" when will actually be "un-decking" the halls.  Which leads me to my next point.  Un-decorating BLOWS! And lastly, the number one reason why I hate post Christmas…..


Tis the season for fad diets, weight loss challenges, and fake foods and truthfully, it makes me sick.  I understand that the beginning of a new year sets the tone for a fresh start into good health, which I definitely am all for, but the reason why I am so turned off is because it's usually all just a big hype.  Try this diet and you'll loose it for Valentines Day.  Loose those Holiday pounds in just weeks.  They all seem like alluring statements, but I feel that that is just what they are made to do, lure you in, take your money and your sanity, and then it's back into the same never ending cycle, all so that they can set you up for failure to take your money and sanity again next year. 

My gym is a culprit by kicking off a Weight Loss Challenge this January.  Now, being a marketing coordinator, I get the reasoning, I do.  But also being a health and fitness enthusiast, I get a little sad that my money is fueling the nonsense.  Basically, you pay $300 and they promise that you will loose weight or you will get your money back.  What they don't tell you is that the unrealistic goals that you are put up against which in no way is possible for someone to maintain for life.  

It's not just my gym, it's everywhere.  Magazines, radio, work.  This all lasts for about the month of January and then it's back to the same old routine.  

When will this country wake up and realize that dieting is pointless?  If it actually worked, then we wouldn't be pressured to do it every single year.  

Although I don't think the new year is a time to set weight loss goals, I do think its a good time to evaluate overall wellness goals, inside and out.  I'll be setting my own goals this new year but will focus on my spiritual, emotional and overall health. 

Breakfast today was a bowl of cereal. 

Natures Path Vanilla Sunrise, Barbara's Vanilla Almond Oat Puffs, Berries, 1/2 Banana, Vanilla Oikos 

This is a nice quite week for me at work.  All of the schools are on break so I have a full week in the office.  Definitely needed so that I can get all caught up on reports and such.

I do seem to go stir crazy from being in a cube all day though.  I guess when you are not use to sitting still, it takes practice.

I gave myself a break to run to the store over lunch to pick up items for the week. While I was there, I took advantage of the salad bar and put together a small side salad to go along with the soup I had brought.

I love salad bars!  

By the way, this Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup was so good last night but even better today.  This is ranking as one of the top ten soups I've ever made.

After work and the gym, I got home and started working on dinner for Toly and I.

Still trying to use up the very last of the Christmas spread, I made omelets.

Spinach, Crab, Asparagus Omelet with Feta

I had mine with a side salad of spinach, mandarin oranges and pom seeds and just realized that lunch and dinner were fairly similar today. 

If it's not broke, why fix it? 

Is anyone else turned off by the weight loss hype this time of year? 



  1. AMEN!!! I'm 100% in agreement with you.

  2. I definitely agree with you on the weight loss hype this time of year. While working out, today all of the commercials on TV were for weight loss products - supplements, equipment, videos - all promising to give you the body of your dreams! I wish people would realize that taking a pill will not make you look like Jillian Michaels!

  3. I couldn't agree more! All of the diets, challanges, etc are just temporary and difficult to stick with. Dieting doesn't work, its all about making small lifestyle changes! This is exactly one of the reasons I decided to become a health coach, to help people stop torturing themselves!

  4. Salad bars totally are the best! And I feel you about the fad diet crap! I really hate it too! I mean, I like the idea of a fitness revamp - in theory - but in reality (as you mention) people often end up with crazy fad diets that make them loose weight, just to be unable to maintain the routine, causing weight-gain. And thus the yo-yo cycle continues. No good!

  5. GOSH I SO AGREE WITH YOU GIRL!!!! and the gym? ITS PACKED in the new year.. I hate it! I almost wana yell out "yall will all be out in about a month ago so save you and me the trouble!" hahah. dieting is SO not a life style thing either! AMEN.
    LOVE YOU!!

  6. i totally agree! and i hate how busy the gym is in january. i mean, great, people are going.. but then it just tapers off. a healthy attitude should be year round.

  7. I totally agree with you about all 3 points! I'm so sad Christmas is over and undecorating totally blows :( And the weight loss hype is crazy. There is no reason to feel guilt for a little holiday indulgence (in my opinion). I will definitely be making wellness goals like you!

  8. I agree with you as well! I cannot stand all the fitness and weight loss hype, because that is all it is, hype!It lasts maybe a month, because people try to do too much at once. People need to focus on simple lifestyle changes and progressive wellness goals if they are really serious about better health.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly! I used to be on that boat too and it ended up being some random day in October than turned my life around. I wish people realized that it's not a quick fix but a lifestyle change.

  10. The weight loss craziness bothers me so much. I wish that we could develop a better balance. We need to take care of ourselves all year round...we shouldn't be binging during the month of December and then "purging" by doing extreme weight loss/exercise. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, sweet girl. You are such a wise woman!

  11. I absolutely positively agree with you! I used to work at GNC and we would always have a mad rush for the diet pills for the first couple of months in the year. We jokingly referred to it as "Our Christmas" since business was always really slow for us throughout November and December. I can't even begin to tell you how many people we would get looking for the "miracle pill" who want to just take a pill everyday and watch the fat melt away. Oh, and the fad diets! What will it take to get people to realize that if you eliminate a food group from your diet completely (carbs), not only are you missing out on those vitamins and nutrients your body needs, but also as soon as you lose the weight and try to incorporate those food groups back in, the weight WILL come back! It's so not the answer, but most everyone in this world is looking for that "quick fix" and instant gratification. Ok, I believe that concludes my little rant for now! ;)

  12. YES totally! i just hate the whole weight loss industry.. its about living a healthy life.. not a number on some scale

  13. I totally agree!
    But I do think its good for people to have goals. But I think crash diets and fads are stupid! Just eat healthy and listen to your body one goal at a time!

  14. diet industry making millions every year + america being a completely capitalist society = diet industry will forever (as far as i can see it at least) continue churning out diet products they know will fail because it keeps profits up

  15. I hate all the hysteria, too, but it's our culture. As much as it pisses me off to see people seeking a quick fix, I'd rather see people being aware about our country's obesity epidemic than just pretending it doesn't exist. Many people fail, but each year there ARE people who commit themselves to losing weight for their health, and who manage to stick to their newfound healthy ways and turn them into a lifestyle rather than a diet. I think it would be great if gyms offered less of a diet approach, and more of a lifestyle measuring changes in blood pressure, or giving free exercise equipment to motivate people to keep working out. There's too much hype for sure, and I hate cracking open magazines to see the latest quick-fix diet, but hey, I guess it's what our country responds to best :/

  16. I too hate the weight loss mania - can we just get a campain for eating REAL food? I think that would solve the world's food problem. :)

  17. i agree with gabriela. certain aspects of our culture have ingrained this idea of healthy=weightloss=skinny. instead, i wish our society could stress the importance of certain lifestyles. i actually think michelle obama's 'lets move' campaign is starting to address many of the issues confronted in our society. but it's just a start. gyms and fad diets need to re assess their motives and goals and the message they are putting out there.

  18. salad bars are the besssssssst!

    and yes, I hate the whole new years resolution thing..........the all-or-nothing-here-we-go mentality!! It just seems doomed for failure. blah! whatever!

    Hope your Tuesday is fabulous!!


  19. Glad your work week is MUCH more low key. I'm only working two days this week, but I'm hoping for much of the same. Yes- the weight hysteria is crazy. Working at the gym....I get overwhelmed teaching when the new year starts. I always feel like I'm fighting for equipment so I can simply TEACH. Nutso. But....I think if it encourages people to get healthy (in a good way- none of the crazy diet pill/starvation-ness) than I think it can be a good thing. Breakfast for dinner? I think I will HAVE to do it tomorrow night