Monday, November 15, 2010

Know Thyself

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

Many times people ask me how to eat right.  For some reason, they think I have all the answers and the key to unlock the all mysteries of good health and wellness.  As much as I'd like to be omniscient on all things good and healthy, telling someone how to eat is like telling a pig to fly, it's pointless! 

Why is it pointless?  Well, because every single body and every single stomach and every single dietary need for every single person is extremely different.  

It took me a very long time to figure out my own complex digestive system.  So many years of trial and error and pain and suffering, but I've finally reached a place where I feel I have a decent grip on what works best for me and my body. 

This did not come easy and it may sound selfish, but the way of life that others choose to live is their business.  Sure I can offer my experiences and knowledge that I've gained through my own process, but on a whole, I'm really just doing what I know works for me.  

So I can't tell anyone what to eat to be at their healthiest because I don't actually know what their body needs to be healthy. But I can offer this universal piece of advice. 

 Know thyself.  That is the FIRST step in becoming healthier.  

I know my body appreciates a big wonderful breakfast every single morning. 

 Pumpkin Oats with Blackberries, Mighty Maple PB, Pumpkin Granola 

I know that leftovers can be some of the best on the go lunches that give me a wide array of nutrition and stability to get me through my long days. 

I know that most dairy and all meat does not digest through my system with ease, but eggs are both a form of dairy and protein that works beautifully.  Especially farm fresh eggs, literary right from my friend's farm.

I know that I probably eat way too many veggies to comfortably digest; however, I choose to ignore this because my love for them is far too great than any bloated tummy. 

So the moral in this all is to pay attention.  Pay attention to your body's needs and take notice to the things that don't work.  It's going to take a long time and every day is a learning process, but it will pay off in a long life of health and wellness. 



  1. Totally agree that every body (and belly) is different and we need to figure out what works for us. I wish I could get eggs from a friend's farm!

  2. So with you :) And I had a very similar dinner tonight. Potato/green pepper/onion cooked up with a side of scrambled eggs and fruit. So yummy.

  3. You totally just saved the day - I have been really frustrated lately in trying to figure out what ELSE could be bothering my digestive system. I'm already gluten free, corn free, dairy free (most of the time), and a vegetarian. What THE HECK! I'm thinking the fructose in some fruits and dried fruits are bothering me lately - possibly onions too. I'm testing the waters. I won't give up my veggies though... NEVER!!

  4. I loved your thoughts on how we are all different and need to fuel ourselves properly for OURSELVES. Also, that egg looks perfectly cooked. OMG, I just typed "cookies" instead of cooked. I have serious issues! Haha.

  5. Great advise :) and I say, as long as your husband doesn't mind, keep eating all those veggies :) haha

  6. THANK YOU. I can try to give some helpful tips, but it is so personal! That is the one thing I learned through my eating struggle - food is SO person so it is really best not to judge!

  7. You are totally right that we are all different! Have you ever thought that our bodies adapt? If you start eating healthier, over time, junk might not agree with you. That is how I look at it and I definitely think it has happened to me. I used to eat things all the time when I was younger that just make me feel like crap now.

  8. I love your message in this post! And totally agree, oatmeal in the morning and leftovers for lunch are awesome meals :) I especially like your oats toppings...yum!

  9. So true! We are all unique, and there is no universal prescription for healthy eating. From everything I've seen and read, you take excellent care of your body by listening to its cues. Thank you for sharing, love. I hope the rest of your week is beautiful!

  10. totally true! we are all different :) i've tried lots of different methods, but continue to find that i'm not a huge fan of meat. i love greek yogurt, eggs, tofu, and beans! they make me feel the best. i can do chicken and turkey sometimes, but rarely anymore.


  11. How has your running been??? I know your knee was bothering you??? Has it been better???