Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trails and Tacos

Hey everyone! 

Last night, Toly and I attended the reception of my friend/co-worker Audi and her hubby Mark.  They got married a few weeks ago in NY and had their reception last night. I love weddings so much, I but love the parties even more so we were both particularly excited to celebrate with our friends. 

 There were a bunch of my fellow co-workers attending as well so it was great to see everyone outside of work.
From left to right: Michele, Me, Audi (the bride), Lisa

 Audi and Mark being announced for the 2nd time! 

We partied well into the night (okay so really, I had a little too much wine and we came home and crashed at 9pm) but it was still such a great time.  

This morning, I woke up as I normally do in my state of overconsumption, dehydrated and hungry!!! 

I tired to ignore it for awhile but I couldn't take it any longer and b 7:30am I was waking Toly up asking him to make me breakfast. 

I normally don't ever care for eggs in the morning (they are more of a dinner meal for me) but today, all I wanted were some eggs and toast.  It's the only thing that sounded perfect. 

Toly made me some of his best over-easy eggs with two slices of wheat toast.  Ohh bread was such a good thing this morning. ;) 

After my belly was full and I showered, I felt much better.  

I contemplated the gym today but my body is still mighty sore from yesterday's Body Pump and Body Combat.  Back to back classes were intense and I felt like my legs/arms/back/neck, well just about everything needed a break. 

We had one of the most beautiful fall days here, sunny and mid 60's so I begged Toly to go for a hike.  Seeing as it would probably be the last chance we could hike for the season, he agreed and we headed out to one of our favorite parks, Kings Gap. 

I picked us up a light lunch from Wegman's salad bar to pack for the road. 

Mediterranean Cous Cous Salad over spinach with Marinated Curried Tofu and Broccoli

These random little bits worked so well for a perfect pre-hike fuel. 

The pups came along too!  Our dog LOVES to hike.  As soon as we pull into the park, he starts to cry with excitement.  Benny did so well today too.  We weren't sure he would be able to keep up with Sammy, but those little legs worked hard. 

We spent a few hours on some good but hard trails.  It was a great hike actually. 

On the way home, we made a little detour to see the progress of the new house. 

 It's really coming along in just a week!  The foundation is laid and the walls will be going up next week.  After that the framing will start and then comes the roof.  He wasn't kidding, our builder works fast!

This evening, I was up for making family dinner.  I had originally planned to make this a few nights ago but I got sick and postponed fish tacos for tonight.

It was a full ensemble of Mexican bliss….

Mango Avocado and Corn Salad 

Grilled Haddock

 Yum Yum Yum!

I can't believe it's back to work tomorrow.  I'm already looking forward to next weekend! 

Ciao for now! 



  1. You are so gorgeous. Gotta emphasize that.

    Haha I hear ya - bring on next weekend already! :D

  2. Glad the reception was so fun! Love your dress. The hike looks like a ton of fun. I wish Frank was able to handle hiking haha. The Mango Avocado and Corn Salad sounds like a fun blend of flavors. I can't believe its Sunday night already either...yikes!

  3. Awww - what a great day! Love husband/wife bonding time, getting out and doing fun activities together. :)

    Loved your dress at the wedding - you looked great!

  4. Didn't this weekend FLY by? I don't knw where it went!

  5. Hot dress love! I am happy to hear you had a great time at the reception...I love weddings :)

    The house looks like it is coming along nicely!


  6. Ok, when you said, "I normally don't ever care for eggs in the morning (they are more of a dinner meal for me)"...I almost fell over! I feel the exact same way! Looks like you had a great day hiking and family taco night is always a good thing here! We haven't done that in a while...I should make a plan for that soon! Yours look delicious!

  7. enjoy this time in your life. it is going to go so fast. take as many pics of the house cause once it is built and you start to customize it, you will wonder where the time went.

  8. A hike with the hubs and dog sounds like the perfect day, and the dinner spread looks delicious!

  9. Hi sweet girl! Wow...your house is going to be up before you know very exciting! Your dress at the reception looked gorgeous, and I loved seeing some of the party pictures. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the outdoors with your sweet husband. What a great weekend. Happy Monday!

  10. That is so exciting about your new house :)