Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Long days, New Traditions

Hey everyone! 

I wasn't around yesterday in case you noticed.  I had to work late last night and early this morning so when I got home, I went right to bed to wake up and start over today. 

The past few days have been busy but in a good way.  I feel like I've been here, there and everywhere but at the same time, I feel like these days, I'm always all over the place.  I'll definitely be ready for some down time after the holidays and the move into the new house. 

I knew it would be a long day yesterday, so I planned to fuel properly in preparation. 

Breakfast was a faithful bowl that always keeps me satisfied and happy for hours. 

Pear Yogurt Bowl 

I had tons of work to get done in the office yesterday but by 11am, I knew I needed to get out or else I would go stir crazy pulling a 14 hour day.  So I did something I rarely do.  I went to the gym over lunch. 

I brought all of my things with me to freshen up and I didn't plan on doing anything hard core because I didn't want to get all sweaty. 

Just 30 min on the treadmill and a very very brief upper body workout. 

I actually didn't mind going to the gym at this time.  First, no one was there, and it really broke up the work day.  I don't necessarily like having to get out of my work clothes and then back into them. Kind of a pain but not horrible. 

On my way back to the office, I stopped at my favorite cafe for one of my favorite Veggie Wraps. 

 I wanted to get something I could eat right away and save a little for later on because I knew I wouldn't get home until late and I didn't want to get hungry.

This veggie wrap is amazing!  Black Bean Hummus, Pico de Galo, Avocado, Romaine.  I ordered mine with extra hummus per usual.

My plan worked brilliantly.  I ate one 1/2 around noon, and saved the other 1/2 to eat around 3:30pm.  It definitely did the trick but when I got home at 9pm, I was starved.  I downed a bowl of cereal and hit the sheets. 

Today, it was up and atom bright and early for some presentations.  I finished just in time to meet Toly and a few of his co-workers for lunch. 

Every month, they plan a traditional BFL (Breakfast for Lunch) where they go out for lunch to eat breakfast.  We do love our breakfasts so naturally I love this tradition and was thrilled when I got the invite for this month and since we don't get to do our Wednesday night BFD anymore, Wednesday afternoon BFL's are a fantastic substitute. 

The "usual" place is a well know local Diner downtown called Dieners. 

Toly has is "usual" Knot Hole Eggs. 

Brian and Sarah (our Vegas buddies!)

I ordered the Crab, Portobello, and Spinach Omelete with Feta.  It came with whole wheat toast and hash browns.

It was just as good as it sounds.  I ate the entire huge omelet, one slice of toast and picked a few bites of the hash browns.  All together, a fantastic breakfast lunch. 

Tonight,  I was able to revisit my skills in the kitchen and I remembered I have had this product in my freezer for a long time.  I always see it and want to make it.  Tonight I made that dream come true. 

Pasta is not my favorite thing but gnocchi is a whole different love.  Sweet Potato Gnocchi holds a special place in my heart. 

I made the gnocchi according to directions and while it was cooking, I roasted some butternut squash and brussels sprouts.  I added the veggies and some dried cherries to the pan and let this cook together for a few minutes. 

Served over a bed of spinach with a drizzle of Cranberry Balsamic Glaze.  Delicious!! 

Gnocchi are like little pillows of sweet deliciousness.  So in love!!! 

It's time to start planning the Thanksgiving menu.  I'm trying to come up with some good vegetable recipes to bring along with the rest of my contributions.  I'm thinking I will be making….

  • Cranberry Walnut Apple Salad
  • Green Beans Almondine
  • Pecan Oat Pie

What is everyone else making this year? 



  1. That omelet looks really good - and I don't even eat omelets!

    This year for Thankgiving, I am making:

    - brussels sprouts
    - vegan broccoli "cheese" casserole
    - gluten free stuffing
    - vegan mashed potatoes
    - gluen free/vegan pumpkin squares

  2. You sure have been busy! Glad you got to sneak in a workout at lunch yesterday- I bet that made the day a lot better! And breakfast for lunch? Fabulous. I think I want a breakfast for every meal day ;)

    I am making an apple cake & a butternut squash dish

  3. That omelet looks delicious! I'm still trying to decide what I'm taking to our Thanksgiving celebration. I am responsible for an appetizer and there are just too many good recipes out there to choose from!

  4. Oh wow, that omelet looks fantastic. And I don't even like eggs! But crab in anything makes it better :)

    I'm going to my aunt's for Tgiving, and she hasn't told me what to bring yet...grrr!!

  5. my favorite time to go to the gym is when no one else is there ha. ive learned 4-6pm is the WORST time to go!

  6. can you believe i have NEVER tried gnocchi?? I MUST try this sweet tater stuff u speak of!

  7. I'm in charge of a dessert. I'll be making orange pumpkin cookies. :-) Can't wait!

  8. We do Breakfast for Dinner every once in a while, but never thought to do Breakfast for Lunch! Genius!

  9. when you plan the thanksgiving, please leave the canned cranberry goop off them menu. does anybody eat this stuff?

  10. crab in an omelet? VERY interesting!

    also, i love the meals you manage to make with an assortment of ingredients like that gnocchi pile of goodness. i could dig right into that.

    i am thinking a pumpkin cheesecake for t-giving...whaddya think?!?

  11. The veggie wrap looks scrumptious! I'm a sucker for anything with avocado in it!! I'm not sure what else i'm bringing for T-Day, but for sure:
    *Sweet potato casserole
    *Pumpkin Trifle
    * Quinoa Salad


  12. I'm debating between 2 recipes from Oh She Glows - the Chickpea & sweet potatoe dish or the quinoa & dried fruit dish. I also want to make a vegetarian stuffing, and IowaGirlEat's no guilt pumpkin mousse looks amaazzinnggg

  13. Ryan and I both agreed that your omelet looks and sounds delicious! (he always happens to be looking over my shoulder when I visit your blog :-) I am excited that Thanksgiving is just around the corner...I'm making quite a few pies, of course! Thank you for sharing, dear. I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

  14. Lauren! I'm eating an omelet right spinach, but with tons of feta (and Parm and hot sauce and sour cream).

    I'm a guest at Thanksgiving, but I'll be making a lemon pound cake. And hopefully, a pie. :)

  15. Oh Lauren you just gave me the best idea! I have some sweet potato gnocchi in my freezer but wasn't sure about a sauce. Everyone says brown butter but I don't really want a butter based sauce, you know? Cranberry sauce is totally a stellar idea!

  16. I'm trying to decide what to bring to my 3 Thanksgivings this year!! Hubby wants me to bring Cornbread muffins to one of his, but other than that I'm not sure!! The Cranberry Walnut Apple Salad sounds yummy!

  17. black beans & hummus is one of my favorite combos!! <3 i want to make some baked corn to bring to our thanksgiving feast!

  18. love black beans and hummus together! soooo good. i love baked corn! i think i'm gonna make that for our thanksgiving feast this yeaR!