Friday, September 3, 2010

Surprise! It's a 3 Day Weekend!

True Story:

I was driving to a presentation this morning at a very early hour in the morning and on the radio, they were all talking about their labor day weekend plans.  Everyone stated how happy they were to be off on Monday.  I was thinking, hmmm, wonder why they all have off on Monday.  Then, it hit me!  

This is a 3 day weekend!!!!!! 

Score!  This one totally caught me off guard but it was like a huge burst of happiness to start my day when I realized I had an entire day that I had planned absolutely nothing.  I love when my stupidity pays off in a good way. ;) 

So as I mentioned, I was off on the road very early today for a some presentations so to same time, I prepped my breakfast last night.  

Near empty jar…...

Here is something that is a little shocking about me.  I'm actually not the BIGGEST fan of OIAJ (Oats in a Jar).  I know its so hyped and worshiped on the blog front, but for some reason, I just couldn't get into it.  I love nut butter in my oats, but I really didn't like the oats eaten from a jar.  It never seemed to mesh well. 

But last night, I thought I would try this with Overnight Oats and let it sit in the fridge overnight. 

This morning, here is what I had.

1/4 Cup Irish Oats, Chobani, Chia, 1/2 Peach, Blackberries 

This morning, I added a heft splash of almond milk, some granola and crushed walnuts. 

Verdict?  I actually enjoyed the cold oats much better than hot oats from a jar.  Weird, I know, but this just worked better. 

Maybe there is a place in my heart for OIAJ after all.

I had lunch plans today with a co-worker.  Candice works in my department and even though we don't get a chance to work a lot on the same things, she is such a sweet girl and I jumped on the chance when she asked me to lunch. 

I suggested Conerstone Coffee House for lunch, for obvious reasons of course. 

After perusing the menu, my eyes quickly caught notice to their daily special.  It was a grilled chicken pita with fresh fig jam, spinach, and avocado.  Even though I didn't want the chicken, the fig jam won it for me.  I asked if they would mind making me a vegetarian version and add whatever extra veggies they had. 

Of course they so kindly complied. 

Along with a side of greens. 

It was delicious as usual! 

After lunch, we swung into the Health Food Store to pick up a few things.  I was out of Organic Oats and there was no way I was going to go tomorrow morning without oatmeal. 

I also finally found a new flavor of the Larabars. 

I have had no luck what so ever in finding the new flavors and so far, this is the only one I've been able to find.  Still waiting for the Carrot Cake! 

When I got off work, I swung over to the gym for an hour Body Attack Class.  I love this class.  The high energy and cardio is great and it really gets you pumped up for the weekend. 

By the time I got home, Toly had already started dinner. 

Tonight was a grilling night. 

And a beer night. 

Michelobe Ultra Dragon Fruit Peach

Grilled Organic Chicken Apple Chardonnay Sausage with Onion and Spinach Relish

Vegetarian Baked Beans and Grilled Sweet Potato rounds

I was starving and this tasted delicious! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday nights and I hope you all have an incredible weekend! 

Weekend Plans? Toly's family is coming in from Cleveland for our nephew Conner's 3rd Birthday Party tomorrow.  I'm also hoping to become an aunt once again this weekend.  My sister is on the "any day now" schedule.  Can't wait!!! 



  1. Oh that breakfast looks good. That is BY FAR my favorite almond butter!

  2. Aren't surprise vacations the best?! I love when I'm off on my days and it works out like that. Not so much when it feels like Friday but it's actually Tuesday. :/

    My mom and dad are coming to visit over the weekend :) I love when they visit- should be fun!

  3. i love it when i have happy realizations like the one you had! i am on the prowl for the new larabars. and the new laughing cow! enjoy the extra long weekend, love :)

  4. You are so cute not realizing that it was a 3-day weekend! I love it! And I also love how you asked for a veggie version of that sandwich. I've never thought of doing that before, but the next time I'm out, you better believe I will! Thanks for sharing...we're hoping to spend time with our family and friends this weekend...just relaxing!

  5. happy surprise 3 day weekend!!! isn't that wonderful? like finding money on the street!

    i'm in NJ visiting my folks, and will be meeting my new niece on labor day! can't wait.

  6. Fair warning - carrot cake is reallllly hard to find. My boyfriend knew I had been looking up and down for carrot cake so he made a Whole Foods run during lunch one day. Not only did he return home with carrot cake, but cocoa mole! Carrot cake in my opinion is pretty similar to gingersnap, however cocoa mole will knock your socks off if you don't like overly sweet Larabars. Good Luck!