Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Conner

Yesterday was a party!!! 

Our nephew, Conner, turned 3 and in honor, we had quite the celebration! 

First though, the day began to me oversleeping my alarm by 1/2 hour.  I usually set my alarm on Saturday mornings so that I can fit in a run in the early morning hour.  I love running at this time and I hate when I miss the opportunity.  

Fortunately, I didn't miss it by much and I jumped out of bed and ran a speedy 5k in 24:24.  

It was tough!  I haven't done speed work in awhile because of the knee, so instead of a longer run today, I thought it would be just as challenging to kick my own butt and see if I could PR a 5k. 

I was hot, sweaty, and hungry when it was over. 

1/4 Cup Irish Oats, 1/2 Mashed Banana, 1/4 Cup Almond milk, 1 egg white,  Berries, Granola, Vanilla Okios 

After breakfast, I headed to the gym for the most AMAZING one hour Body Flow Class.  A mixture of yoga and pilates with some Thai Chi.  My body thanked me for giving it this after a 30 mile week of training.  

Now, as I said before, it was a very special day yesterday because our nephew Conner turned 3 and we partied all day and all night for the little guy! :) 

The party started at a local park.  Toly's family drove in from Cleveland and joined us.  It was so great to see his family again, as we don't get a chance to see them all too much these days. 

Conner was bursting with energy as usual, so of course, trying to take a picture of a 3 year old on a sugar high is not the easiest task.  But here are a few from the party….

It was a fun day at the park and Conner enjoyed every moment, but especially playing with all his new toys! 

The party didn't stop here.  You have to know by now that Russians don't just party for a few hours, it's an all day/night extravaganza. 

We cleaned up and moved the festivities over to Toly's Parents house for the "real" celebration! 


And just because a tradition is never broken, it only took a few hours before the eggs came out and were fried up.  (Every time Toly and his cousins get together and drink, they get the urge to fry eggs using every leftover piece of food on the table to make one big "Russian Omelet". Every one is pretty much grossed out by this, but regardless, its still hilarious!) 

It was an exciting, thrilling, but long day and I loved every moment! :) 

Today should be a little more relaxing.  Hope your weekends are going well! 



  1. Fun fun fun! :D What a great family time Lauren! :D

    Love the Russian omlette, too funny!

  2. Aw, fun birthday party! :)

    That russian omlette is quite funny. I can totally imagine some of my friends making something like that.

  3. What a great time of celebration with your family! Happy Birthday to Conner...and I love the Russian definitely made me smile!