Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let's Be Honest

Thank you all for your supportive and sweet comments about my BIG news!  I just booked the Hotel Room today, so now it's really official.  This time next month, I will be well on my way to obtaining my Personal Fitness Trainer Certification!  I can't tell you how good it feels to say that! :) 

As I was running this morning, I started to think how grateful I was that I am in a state in my life physically, mentally, and emotionally to be able to do the things that I am doing.  I feel like I have worked so hard and had a very long and enduring journey to reach this point in my life of overall contentment with my health.  I've made many mistakes, I've put my body through many trials, my body has put me through even worse (probably to get me back), and I'm still not perfect, but I can honestly tell you that on a whole, I feel happy with myself, my body, my strength, my endurance, and my attitude.  I know I'm not done yet and there is still some work to be done to get me to an optimum state, but I feel like I am so much more prepared and accepting than I have ever been.  I urge any of you who may beat yourself up over not being fit enough, skinny enough, or healthy enough to rethink that mindset.  If you are trying, if you continue to stick with it, even if you fail at times, you are healthy, beautiful, and strong for living your life to the best you possibly can, and that is what true health really means!

It was quite a sentimental run. 

Followed by quite a sensational breakfast. 

This bowl was more fruit based today, as I cut up an entire White Nectarine that I purchased from the Farmers Market last weekend and realized how incredibly sweet and refreshing it was, I decided to make this the foundation of my breakfast. 

1 White Nectarine, Raspberries, Raspberry Chobani, Naturally Nutty White Chocolate Almond Butter, Honey Almond Granola 

I had a busy day at work that left no time to come home for lunch, so lunch was made last night and eaten at my desk. 

Summer Salad

Arugula, Yellow and Green Squash (raw), Avocado, Berries, Walnuts, Feta

With a serving of Vegetarian Baked Beans and Watermelon

Work was great, but I did find out some very sad news mid morning that really shook me up.  I had an event at a middle school today where we were the big show at a Pep Rally so I had put aside my feelings and turn it on for the junior high kids.  Once we got there, the energy was awesome and I was able to forget about everything for awhile and just have a blast with the kids. 

When I got home, I was so happy to have Toly home.  He has been gone all week for work so it was such a great feeling to have him after a long hard day.  

He was just in time for BFD, a day late this week, but totally worth the wait. 

For tonight's BFD, I made Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.

1 Thomas Honey Fiber Wheat English Muffin, Pesto, Arugula, Smoked Salmon, Dippy Egg

I served my "hollandaise" sauce on the side. (Dijon, Yogurt, lime juice) along with some roasted asparagus. 

Finished up the rest of the watermelon with dinner. 

The eggs came out perfectly!  I'm actually not a fan of poached eggs, which would be the traditional method for eggs benedict, but the dippy worked so well.  Just the right amount of runny yoke, dripping over each savory bite. 


If someone asked you if you were truly happy with yourself and your state of health, would you be able to answer honestly? I think it's actually harder for us to be honest with ourselves than it is with others.  It took a LONG time for me to reach the point of being able to honestly answer this question, not only to others, but to myself.  



  1. This summer I have really realized how proud I am of myself for making these changes and continually eating healthy and being active. My body may not look like a models, but I know I'm strong and my insides are beautiful :)

  2. For me, change is a component of being healthy and happy. Would I say I am 100% happy with the way I am today? Of course not. Am I pretty close? Heck yeah! I believe growing up is all about making choices and changes. I love looking back at the changes I've made, how far I've come, and can't wait to see where I will go.

    PS: You will make such an adorable fitness instructor!

  3. I would say yes, but I know I have work to do mentally. :) I've had a lot of adjustments as of late, so my mental/emotional health has kind of been put on the back burner!

  4. I love that you are still eating berries. If they didn't cost an arm and a leg here in Iowa I would be devouring them too! Instead I've settled on some yummy fall apples, just as good sometimes:)
    You won my giveaway for Zevia if you want to email me your address and stuff I will give it to the company so you can enjoy some fun bubbly!

  5. Your posts always begin with such encouragement. Thank you for doing what you do after day. I love visiting because I always leave smiling a bit more. Your dinner looked delicious! I love smoked salmon and I don't eat it near enough.

  6. I have a question :) Have you ever struggled with weight gain or had a period in your life where you needed to lose?

  7. CONGRATS on the big news!! I just got caught up on your old posts and wow, that's such a great decision for you!!

    I think I'd answer that I'm happy with my body, but there's always room for both physical and mental improvement. I'm both working towards STRENGTHENING my body and ACCEPTING it, which have always been my two biggest issues. I've gained a lot of confidence in my healthy ways in the past few months, though!!

  8. I think I could answer honestly - it is a tough question, and even tougher to answer, but if you're honest about it (even when things are rough), it makes it easier to get through it.

  9. I definetly have to give myself SOME credit but I wouldn't say I'm truly happy with where I am currently, except in love, I've never been happier in that aspect, BUT in saying that,I'm definetly happy with the path I'm on at the moment in terms of health and career choices.

    Your BFD looks FLIPPING PHENOMENAL! So delicious. I want eggs benny so bad now lol!

  10. i am sorry about the sad news, hope things are OK. how nice to have toly home after a rough day! that dinner looks great. i love you to death!

  11. great post, hon. glad you are in such a great place mentaly and physically. breathe it all in and enjoy :)