Sunday, May 9, 2010

Down To Business Day

This weekend went too fast.  I guess that is what is expected when you try to plan a weeks worth of tasks into 2 days, but somehow, I managed to accomplish it all!  Love that feeling! 

Yesterday was my fun day, today was my down to business day.  Sunday's are usually reserved for cleaning, shopping, cooking…etc.  and I actually prefer it that way. 

First, we always partake in our mandatory Sunday Morning Breakfast.  This morning, I made french toast.
Coconut Berry French Toast 

The bread was soaked in Coconut Milk, egg, cinnamon, and almond extract.  Then topped with fresh berries, coconut and berry yogurt. 

Next on the agenda, clean. 

Toly and I tag team the house on Sundays which is a great way to save time on chores.  Another great way is to spilt up the house by each week.  One week I will do a deep clean to the upstairs and tidy the downstairs, and the other week I will switch.  This week, it was downstairs, so the kitchen floors were scrubbed, the furniture was dusted, and the downstairs bathroom was cleaned.  Toly always does the vacuuming and dusting.  It works out well. 

Once the house was spotless, I embarked on my next task….grocery shopping. 

After that, it was lunch time and I was starving.  I made a big salad today in my effort to clean out the fridge to make room for the new loot. 

Arugula, Peppers, Radish, Broccoli, Carrot, Pickles, Squash, TJ's Masala Burger, Olives, Hummus and Mango Chutney

My next task of the day was hitting up the mall.  Not necessarily my favorite thing to do, but I needed to get my wedding bands cleaned.  While I was waiting, I managed to do some damage shopping for myself.  

I got home a few hours later and started dinner.  

For some reason, May is going through some kind of identity crisis and doesn't realize that it's mid-spring.  The temps have been on the chilly side these past few days and today was quite a dip.  Mid 50's calls for soup for dinner. 

Corn and Crab Chowder

This recipe can be found on my recipe page but tonight I added yellow squash which turned out to be a great move.  I also pureed half of the soup to make a thick base before adding the crab.  A great trick to make any soup creamy and thick is to take a cup or two of the liquid and veggies, puree in a blender and add it back to the pan.  All of the flavors come together so well and the soup gets luscious and chowder consistency without adding any extra fat.  

To go with our soup, we had bruchetta. 

This dinner was great.  The soup was just what we needed to warm us up but yet it still was light and refreshing. 

So all my work for today has been completed and now I can finally sit back and relax. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

And Happy Mothers Day to all you mom's! :) 



  1. Soup is the perfect way to warm up after a chilly day! I think I could even get my husband to eat this, and he's not a huge soup fan!

  2. Ugh!! I agree- this weekend went by wayyyy to quickly. Here's hoping the next one comes quick and stays longer;)

  3. i've never thought of adding yogurt to french toast! sounds like a good idea b/c it's usually such a hefty bed for it....

  4. Wow, you were efficient! Ari and I always say we're going to start a "cleaning day," but it never works out. But I WILL deep-clean the house this week!

    I put yogurt on my pancakes, too... so good! And I also had a Masala burger today... I ate too many of them last summer but I'm so happy to have them in the freezer again.

    Hope you got some R&R! Have a great week, Lauren :-)

  5. Are you going to sell that french toast or something? It looks that good - definitely restaurant quality! :)

  6. LOVE days like that when I just plow through the to do list!! Dinner looks amazing. Especially the bruchetta. Josh and I were shocked how cold it was in PA this weekend. Hopefully it warms up, up your way!

  7. i love how you added squash to that soup. it looks really tasty! i love anything w/crab!