Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Monday,

Dear Monday,

I know that most people pre-judge you and often deem you as the worst day of the week, but I try not to. 

I know that most people have a hard time waking up on this day and often curse your name because it's the start of a new work week that reminds us that we still have 5 long days to go until the weekend, but I will try not to.  Instead I will jump out of bed with excitement.  I will run 6 miles with a smile on my face, because today is a beautiful day.  

I know that most people don't take the time to put together a delicious and healthy breakfast because just getting out the door on time is hard enough, but I will spend an extra 10 min to ensure that my morning meal is fantastic. 

Irish Steel Cut Oats with Banana and Cinnamon (cooked together), topped with kiwi, blackberry, white chocolate pb and coconut butter, coconut and granola 

I know that most people are so busy getting caught up from the weekend, that they don't have time to break for lunch, but I will never forsake an opportunity for a lunch break.  Even if it is later than normal due to long and drawn out conference calls all morning. 

Salad full of veggies 

Leftover Crab Chowder

And I know that most people find you a fitting day of the week to hit up the closest drive thru for dinner because after a long hard day of work, the last thing one would want to do is come home and slave over a stove, but I beg to differ. 

Plus, when dinner is this amazing, a little work in the kitchen is worth every single bite. 

Grilled Tilapia Club Sandwiches 

1 tilapia fillet seasoned with EVOO, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and garlic salt
1 Cibatta Roll
Mashed avocado
Tomato slice
Homemade Lemon Dill Sauce (plain yogurt, lemon juice, capers, dijon, and dill) 

This one goes down in the books.  One of the most amazing sammies I have ever eaten!  I swear by that bold and quite conceited statement. 

This fish was grilled to perfection and the flavors were out of this world good. 

Toly's Sammie looked even better than mine.  Must have been the parm cheese I added to his. 

I had this mouthwatering baby with grilled asparagus and grilled corn. 

I think what really pulled this all together was the homemade lemon dill sauce.  Such an excellent accompaniment with the fish.  

This was one of those dinners that you realize you are full half way though, but manage to lick the plate because its just that good you can't stop eating! 

Wow, I've certainly exhausted this by now, so I'll just let you decide for yourself.  Go make it and see! :) 

Today turned out to be a great day.  I had every reason to be happy, nothing got in my way, and I realized that life is too short to always dread the start of a week. 

So Monday, you are not so bad after all.  ;) 



  1. My Monday wasn't too shabby, either!

  2. Such an adorable post!!! You're right, Mondays don't have to be nearly as bad as we sometimes make them out to be.

    That sandwich does look out of this world, by the way. :)

  3. Great Monday attitude! I love that I teach Body Pump first thing makes Mondays a lot more exciting for me. The dinner sammies look just perfect- I will have to try this for the Joshers. Corn+asparagus SCREAMS summer too!

  4. I just bought a bunch of fresh dill today, and I just love it. Will make sure to try that lemon-dill sauce! And I actually love Monday :-)

  5. this is ooozing positivity and i love it :) That sandwich SCREAMS summer to me, and I want one now LoL.


  6. I need to add more fish in my diet. What health benefits does crab have? I know it offers plenty of flavor!

  7. Way to stay positive. Mondays are always tough after a great weekend, but I love my routine so it's nice for me to get back into my schedule on Mondays.

  8. Mondays aren't that bad after all, but I am happy it's almost Tuesday. One day closer to Friday. :)

  9. I love your attitude! Way to take on Monday. I also spend extra time making breakfast, and get up early to eat it. Makes things so much more pleasant!

  10. Glad you had such an amazing day- I love the positivity in this post! Your lunch looks delicious, can't go wrong with two kinds of seafood!

  11. You are so adorable!!! Amazing day with great eats :D I love your outlook and you never cease to put a smile on my face. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  12. That's a great looking sandwich Lauren! What a clever idea too! I love those mini ciabatta rolls, so chewy and yummy.

  13. such a cute post~ the letter to monday :) i have found thursdays are worse than mondays for me! monday is not so bad, ive accepted the start of the week!

    your tilapia and grilled CORN look great! yay for grillin'. love ya lady!

  14. "Plus, when dinner is this amazing, a little work in the kitchen is worth every single bite."

    I love this line! So true.