Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Back!

Another fabulous day! 

Before I tell you all about it, I first should mention that I decided to take everyone's advice and I made an appointment with the doctor for my knee. 

I really don't think it's anything too serious (I hope) but if want to run anytime soon, I think it's worth having it looked at. 

I did buy a knee brace today and tested it out on a walk.  As soon as I put it on, my knee felt so much better.  I even ran a few steps with it and had no pain.  So maybe that's a good sign? We'll see what the doctor says though. 

And since I haven't updated you all on the other health issues lately, I thought I would fill you in.  Things with the Colitis have been 1000 X better!  I feel completely back to normal!!!  Appetite is back to it's usual tendencies, digestion is almost perfect, and my energy levels are high.  Tomorrow, I cut down to my last and final dosage of the Prednisone and after a week of the lightest dosage, I am done with that.  The other treatment that I began for the disease seems to be really working with my body and I feel great coming off the steroids.  I think my body is naturally healing itself just wonderfully!  Thank the LORD!!!!! Finally some good news, right?!?! 

Okay, so now for the great day I had. 

It felt like a summer day here. The weather is just unbeatable right now. 

I celebrated with a summery kind of breakfast, introducing a new cereal from Trader Joes which was FANTASTIC! 

Twigs Flakes and Clusters, Berries, TJ's Pomegranate Greek Yogurt and flax

My favorite combo…..

Toast with Cottage Cheese and Apricot Jam

Janetha girl, so sorry you are not diggin' the cottage cheese and jam thing, because I find it out of this world delicious! 

As a whole, breakfast was delightful.

Since I was in the office all week, I spent the day catching up running all over creation.  I had school visits and appointments all day which made it FLY. 

Mid afternoon, I made sure to schedule myself an hour for lunch. We've been ordering lunch all week in the office because of all of the interviews I have been doing, so it was nice to finally come home and make a real "lauren" lunch. 

I was very excited to try some more of my Trader Joe products….

I had the brilliant idea of using the Egg Salad to recreate the same kind of sammie as last night.  This sammie is just that amazing that it's worthy enough of being eaten multiple times in back-to-back meals. (I may just even make it tomorrow too, yep it's THAT good!)

1 slice Whole Wheat Tuscan Bread, Egg White Salad, Dijon, Avocado, Crofter's Jam

The egg white salad was good, but I think the other aspects of the sandwich really made it stand out. 

I had my sammie with a little of the Tabbouhl and pita chips. 

And since my "lauren" appetite is back along with my "lauren" style lunch, I also heated up a small mug of my homemade vegetable soup.  The fruit is for balance and good measure of course! :) 

Such a good lunch and you'd think all this food would leave me feeling stuffed, but surprisingly, it didn't.  

I was hungry again 2 hours later. 

Wow, love that my normal appetite is back!  I feel so much more like myself again. 

After work, I met Jen for a beautiful walk.  We chatted and caught up on our weeks and before I knew it, the mile stroll around the block was over. 

Good thing actually because I was hungry and dinner had me all kinds of excited. 

We obviously took full advantage of the beautiful day and grilled out tonight. 

Grilled Salmon with an Apricot Dijon Glaze 

I put mine over a glorious salad.

Romaine, Beets, Sweet Potatoes, Grilled Asparagus and Red Onion, Goat Cheese, and Apple

No words, just drool! 

Apparently, Sammy was under the assumption that I made this dinner for him. 

Sorry buddy, I dominated this bowl.  I don't even think I left him a bite. Opps! :( 

Thank heavens tomorrow is Friday!!!!  I can't tell you how thrilled I am about that and for the weekend. 

~~~~~Blog News: ~~~~~

The DC Blogger Meet Up is next weekend!  If you think you can make it, don't forget to email me. 

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  1. What great eats! I'm loving the al fresco dining:)

  2. So glad to hear you are doing better! That is just AWESOME! Keep us up to date on the knee. Your lunch makes me so jealous- I want all of those TJs products. Cute pic of Sammy ;) Have a MOST wonderful weekend girly

  3. I love that TJ's cereal. Okay let's be honest, I love all TJs products.

    I don't know if I could put jam on egg salad sammies--are you SURE it's good!? I like my sweet 'n' salty but hmmmmm

    SALMON!!! Makes me miss my daddy's cooking.

  4. Oh yummy, that salmon looks way too good! Eating outside is the best way to usher in the spring :) Glad you're feeling back to "Lauren," and able to enjoy those delicious eats! Have a great night love!

  5. SO glad to hear that you're feeling better :) That is GREAT news!!

    I actually entered that Foodbuzz promotion today to win tickets to the Taste of the Nation event in DC, so....if I do, I'll be there next weekend! :) *Crossing my fingers because I really want to meet everyone!

  6. I am craving a BIG bowl-o-berries!

    Glad to hear you're feeling on the mend =]

  7. egg salad with jam - i bet i'd like that!

  8. Three cheers for feeling better and coming off the meds!!!! I know that prednisone can be nasty stuff - I am so happy for you!! And that apricot-dijon glaze on the salmon sound TDF. What a great combo *making mental note* :D Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  9. yayyyyy for appetite being back, knee responding well to the brace and you feeling like yourself again! we should all appreciate our health a little more each day!

    ummm...i would please like one of everything here. except the sweet cottage cheese - i cannot quite get on that train either like janetha! have a wonderful holiday weekend love!

  10. I'm glad you made the doctor's appointment. I know it's not easy to admit there's a serious problem when all you want to do is run, but you're that much closer to getting back out there again!

    All of your TJ's finds are fabulous. I haven't had a good shop there in a while!