Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Water in the Knee?

Hey there!

If your week is going anything like mine, it's flying by!  No complaints here because this weekend is going to be fantastic on so many levels.  Weather is going to be gorgeous, so many great things planned, and it's Easter Sunday!

The knee is sadly still on the fritz.  I think I may have what's referred to as "water in the knee" which is a build up of fluid in the cartridge and knee joint. It just feels swollen and even though the pain isn't as bad, as soon as I run (like immediately) the pain sets in and I have to stop.  I guess it's time to see the doctor, which I was really trying to avoid, but it's been 2 weeks and it's not getting better.  All I want to do it run!  Ugh, so frustrating. And just what I need, another doctor in my life.

Oh well, I will be back to normal again one day.  I swear!

At least I am still able to get some solid workouts on my ET in the mornings but I'm getting a little bored with it.

I've been enjoying my pre-made Irish Steel Cut Oats for breakfast all week and today, I finally finished off the batch.

Irish Steel Cut Oats, pear, Honey Oikos, Granola, Honey AB

One of the best grapefruit I have had all year

Cool creamy yogurt in warm gooey oats is just sensational.  But I am sure you all know this by now thanks to the lovely Miss Janetha and her "oatstanding" revelation.

Work was great today!  We finished up the interviews for the Education College Scholarship that I organized and made the selections.  Interviewing these kids was such a blast and choosing the winners was hard, but I feel really good about our choices.  I think we have such a good group of students for this award.

I came home and attempted to go for a small jog to test out the knee, which is when I discovered that it's still not anywhere near healed.  I think I made it about 25 steps and had to stop.  It was so tight so I went to the gym and worked it out on the stationary bike.  Much better.

Dinner tonight was the obligatory Wednesday night BFD of course.

Last week's BFD was so amazing that I had no choice but to recreate it again this week.

1 slice of TJ's Whole Wheat Tuscan Bread, Laughing Cow, Dijon, Avocado, Egg, Crofters Fruit Spread


I also made my favorite thing to go with this.  Butternut Squash Home Fries with Red onion and Spinach.

Toly's Sammie…...
Egg, cheese and bacon

With regular home fries

This has been deemed one of my favorite dinners. 

Well friends, that's all I have for you today. 

Enjoy the evening! :) 



  1. LOVING the BFD :) This one looks particularly amazing!! And, btw, you can totally come to passover next year :)

  2. Hope the knee stuff gets figured out quick! Great BFD- totally doing something similar tomorrow night. Eggs in the fridge that need to be used :)

  3. Your meals are so beautiful! I love your choice of flavor combos, you have a real gift for thinking those up girl! Hope your knee heals soon :)

  4. ahaha. oatstanding. you never cease to put a smile on my face. i get squeamish and the water in the knee talk made me a little ill, but i hope you get that all fixed up! i am so excited for this weekend, too. i love easter sunday :) and i really love YOU! p.s. i have got to re-create that egg/avocado/jam/dijon mixture. i am convinced i will love it!

  5. Hope your knee gets better soon! I still deal with fluid in my knee from time to time, so I know how annoying it is :( Hopefully your rest will get you right back out there!!

    BFD is one of my favorite things to eat as well. There's something so yummy and decadent about it!! The butternut squash home fries look awesome. Have a great day!

  6. Ugh, sorry about the knee stuff :-( I had fluid in mine after a race (it might still be there)... I waited a while to run, but then about a mile in it started up again and now still hurts when I walk. It's awful! I hope yours sorts itself out soon. But... this weekend IS going to be fabulous. haev a graet Easter, Lauren!

  7. i love your breakfasts for dinner. i haven't been craving grapefruit lately but this post has made me hungry for some!