Friday, April 2, 2010

Good, no Great Friday

Happy Good Friday!  Whether you honor the Easter/Passover holiday or not, I do hope that your Friday was more than good.  

Mine was actually great! 

I was going to try to run this morning with the knee brace, but then I thought I should probably wait until after I see the doctor just in case.  Good for me for not listening to my stubbornness and actually doing the right thing.  Usually, I would just say, "screw it" I want to run, but if there is anything I've learned over these past few months, it's that you HAVE to respect and honor your body when it is healing.  

Anyways, one more day on the ET wasn't going to kill me.  And it didn't.  It was actually pretty intense, with a 40 min interval session on the ET followed by a 20 min. Cardio Bootcamp DVD. 

Great way to start the day! 

And follow that up with a delicious breakfast…I'd say I was off to a wonderful start.

1/3 Cup Total Rasin Bran, 1/4 Cup Oatmeal Squares, Banana, Blueberries, TJ's Blueberry Greek Yogurt, 1/2 Bannan Vita crumbled with Mighty Maple and flax 

This was so very good! As was the cantaloupe with cottage cheese that I ate along with it. 

I had my doctor's appointment today for my knee.  It's actually been feeling a lot better but I still wanted to have it looked at to be safe. 

The doctor did an X-Ray and had me do all kinds of bends and stretches.  Then, he told me something that I have not heard from a doctor in a very long time……

GOOD NEWS!!!!!! 

My knee looks just fine.  The X-rays are completely normal and he said I probably am just experiencing
some strain from overuse.  He said since I took a few weeks off, I may have put stress on it during my last race and it's just still swollen and irritated from that.  He said that if it feels better, I should be fine to run next weekend, but just to let pain be my guide.  If it hurts, stop. Obviously! The brace will help and keep icing after runs….I'm set! 

YAY!!!!  I think I'll continue to rest it for the weekend and see how it feels by Monday.  If all is well, hopefully I can finally start to run again next week! :) 

Lunch today was great! 

I think I warned you that I would be making the same sammie as I have been all week. Guys, I'm going to say it again….it's just so freaking good! :) 

Egg white Salad with Avocado, Dijon, Jam on Tuscan Whole Wheat

I also put together this amazing salad.

Romaine, Roasted Squash and Asparagus, Beets, Tomatoes, Goat Cheese and Hummus

Orange and a pickle to finish the plate.

Great lunch! 

This kept me so full for more than 6 hours!  I couldn't even think about the apple I had for an afternoon snack.  I was stuffed and I didn't even start to get hungry until around 7:00pm!  Love when lunch is so filling. 

Even though I wasn't hungry after work, I was quite thirsty.  Happy hour was definitely on schedule for tonight. 

I made us some Pomtini's as a pre dinner drink. 

Finally, I started to get ready for dinner.  Good thing my appetite came back because it was Fajita Friday! 

I think that my stomach some how expands whenever Mexican food is placed in front of me.  

I made veggie fajitas for me and chicken for Toly. 

Here was mine….

And here was Toly's…

I ate the fajita and then went back for more by loading my plate with a big salad using the rest of the ingredients. 

So delicious!!! 

The best part about Fajita night is the fun that comes along with it.  I love the vast array of toppings and the building process.  Creating your dinner is so much fun.  It's kind of like art that you get to eat. 

We are just lying around for the rest of the night.  Ideal! 

Tomorrow is going to be such a great day!  Breakfast in the morning with my sister and my dad for our monthly father/daughter breakfast, and then off to the farmer's market with dad! 

Good night "peeps"! :) 



  1. your sandwich does look amazing. egg whites and avocado - YUM!

  2. Im so glad you had a great day and got great news on your knee!!!!!

    Loving the egg sandwich, looks so good!!! I would love that in a wrap!!!!!

    So sweet the pic of you and your hubby!!!!! how do you make a pomtini?!! Looks yum!!

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow with your sis and dad!!!!


  3. SOOOOOOO glad that the knee report is good! Congrats. Great lunchy- so glad cantaloupe is back and cheap...hooray! And veggie fajitas is one of my favorite dinners. Hope your weekend is wonderful and full of running :)

  4. have a great night relaxing:)

  5. Yay for you knee and a Happy Friday!!!! Your lunch does look amazing. Though, that weird combo sounds a bit like a pregnant ladies lunch. I'm not saying you are preggers, but that fact that we both find those flavor combos appealing is a little strange... oh well! As long as we are happy with our food! Don't judge, people! hahaha

  6. I love a filling lunch too!! I've found that oats mid-day really keep me full for hours :) Glad your knee is okay girl, have a great weekend!

  7. YAY LAUREN!! I have missed you!!! Blah school! I am never tuned into blogworld anymore!! I hate missing reading your blog!! It makes me so happy!! So glad your knee is okay, and I love the pic of you and the guy!! Pomtinis YES! :)

    your egg/cado sammy DOES sound delicious! I don't blame ya one bit! :)

    love you so! HAPPY WEEKEND


  8. YaAY! I'm so glad that your knee is fine, and that you got a notification of relief from the doctor.
    I think I'm definitely gonna make your egg-avocado sandwich sounds awesome, and you've convinced me that it must be freaking good!

  9. I am having knee problems right now too and I suspect it's from over training too. I'm going to the doctor to get it looked at because you're right, I'd rather be safe than sorry later on. I tried to rest it up for 3 weeks and it felt fine after my first run but then it was hurt like hell the next day :( Glad to hear your knee is good though!

    I love fajitas too. I usually just eat TONS of the veggies sans tortilla with salsa on top. Mmm, love love love caramelized onions and peppers.

  10. I love make your own dinners too, they're so much fun! Your egg white sandwich looks amazing, I love the idea of adding dijon and avocado - amazing.

  11. YES great news about your knee :D thanks for sharing the info with us. you guys are the cutest ever! love you lots, hope your weekend is going great! mWAH!