Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Empty Day

I am starting to notice quite a pattern with this whole stomach disease thing.  I have a good day followed by a really bad day.  The "good" days are any day that I don't feel incredible discomfort, sharp pain, and have control over my "movements".  Yesterday, was a good day.  But that meant that today……
Not so good.

I barely made it though a run this morning.  I wasn't even sure if I would make it to the gym, but I managed to pull myself together and made it through 5.5 miles.  I wanted to do 6, but there was just NO CHANCE of this happening today.

Oy, maybe the sprint home made up for that last 1/2 mile. ;)

Now that I unveiled this sordid tidbit with you all, let's talk about something more appetizing, shall we.

Breakfast was very very good, but I was more excited about it so that I had a reason to show off my new bowls.

These beauties were on clearance for $1!  My husband seems to think I have a problem when it comes to buying dish-ware, but I just assure him that he is lucky my fetish does not channel a more expensive hobby….such as purses or shoes. (Okay, I might have a little problem there too. ;)

What was in this pretty little bowl was quite fantastic….

Just looks like a bowl of granola doesn't it?  Well, looks can be deceiving because there happened to be a diced red pear with cinnamon, applesauce, honey almond butter, kashi autumn harvest, flax, and a sprinkle of granola on top. 

Warm and delicious! 

I also enjoyed my coffee in my new mug that I just adore….

Not only is it gigantic, it speaks a different language!  How could I pass this one up for just $1? 

Work was good, although I experienced my first "crisis" situation.  One of my presenters called me this morning letting me know that he would not be able to make it to his scheduled presentation in 10 min. because he was sick!  Ummmm, gee, thanks for the warning.  

Luckily, it worked out, but it's never fun having to cover for other people when they bail.  I guess that's just a perk of the job.  Having to delegate a committee comes with its baggage, but I don't mind.  I like the pressure! 

Despite feeling like a fish tank all day, I plowed through my work and before I knew it, it was quitting time. 

As soon as Toly got home, he anxiously reminded me that it was a BFD night.  Ha, like I would forget this essential aspect in my week. 

Dinner was so delightful I just want to make it all over again. 

I made myself a Southwestern Egg Wrap

Guac, avocado, Spinach, Pepperjack cheese, Egg white (with hot sauce) and TJ's Peach Salsa

Pressed and grilled until gooey and oozing. 

And Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque with Broccoli 

The full monty….

Toly was in love with his Bacon, Ham, Egg and Cheese Sammie on an Asiago Bagel

Absolutely smashing BFD tonight! 

I am feeling a bit empty (maybe from all of the "detoxing" I did today) so I think a snack is in my near future.  

Of course, over the amusing rants of American Idol.  I just love the try outs.  I actually like this part of the season better than the actual "Idol" part.  

Okay friends, that's all I have for you. 

Peace and love! 



  1. ugh! Sorry to hear about your belly! Hope tomorrow is an extra good day to make up for it ;) Love the dishes! Awesome that they were so cheap. yayyy- I had BFD too! It involved eggs, cheese, roasted butternut squash, fruits and veggies- SO good!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the tummy troubles :o( I've had issues of my own in the past so I completely empathize and hope that tomorrow will be a good day, as Erica said.

    I have a dish addiction, too! My cupboards are full but hey, if they're cheap...why not?! It's for the good of the blog!

    All of your meals look so wonderful! Have a lovely night!

  3. Yay for BFD!! Everything looks great! Good job making it through 5.5 miles with tummy troubles! Stomach pain is the WORST while running!

  4. Totally understand the tummy thing! I have IBS and sometimes it's so painful.
    Just had to say that wrap looks sooo good :)

  5. the bowl's a beauty! i have the same "problem" with buying dishware - although i wouldn't call it a "problem" when it's so cheap...$1 to lift your spirits is worth it!

    hope your tummy gives you less of a problem on your next run...

  6. For only a buck, you HAVE to buy cute dishware!! I love the bowl and mug! What a fantastic BFD combo - the soup, the wrap, YUM!

    Well done with handling the crisis! You were meanat for that position :)

    Hope today is a good day!!

  7. sorry you weren't feeling great- but you are still recovering so take it easy :) delicious eats! I love the egg wraps
    and way to handle that crisis situation- sounds ilke you are doin great

  8. Oh Lauren, I'm so sorry you are having to go through that. At least you still have an appetite which is good. Maybe bump up the water a bit just to make sure you don't get dehydrated. Baby wipes also come in handy because they are softer for down there. I've been there!

    BFD did not disappoint! Easily the highlight of my week! :D

  9. Sorry to hear about the day's belly troubles. :(

    LOVE the new bowl and mug!

  10. sorry about the bad days hun.. that is never fun. you are such a trooper. and i love your new mug! i totally have a dish problem. when i actually have a house of my own i plan to have all unique & different dish ware and nothing matching! great job on making it 5.5 miles. that is stellar if you ask me! the wrap looks good~i love me some TJs peach salsa ESPECIALLY with eggs! we were watching the AI tryouts.. oh, so sad some of them!

    have a great night, love!

  11. Okay, today is over...that means tomorrow will be a "good" day, right? I hope so!

    Love the bowl! What a steal at $1!! Not big enough for me, though...I eat 4 cups worth of dry oats. >.<

  12. I have a dish problem too but I only get them when they are super cheap and on clearance...that should count for something!!

    Love your coffee mug!!

  13. hi mama!!! sorry you had a not so good day! hope tomorrow is better!!!

    that bowl is beautiful, and that breakfast sounds wonderful! i want to try it!!!

    also, you def. make me want a panini maker so badly!!! the bagel sammy and your egg wrap look delicious!!!

    oh and your ruffled top from your previous post is SO CUTE!! you are adorable!!!

    hope you have a wonderful Friday!!!

  14. Dinner looks so good! I'm wondering what type of wraps you use? All the ones I use either break or are too small to actually wrap something up!