Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Morning Commute with OIAJ

Howdy folks.

I was right, it's going to be another super busy week, but I love busy.  This job is so much more up to speed with how I best operate.  I like pressure, deadlines, schedules and chaos.  Just as long as I can manage it all.

I had to be at a school at 8am this morning and had an hour commute which meant I would be leaving my house before sunrise.

Knowing this, I prepped breakfast last night.

How convenient that I had my near empty jar of Almond Butter on hand.  Times like these are life saving for oats in a jar!

Last night I mixed 1/4 C Oats, 1/4 Cup Vanilla Soy Milk, 1/4 pumpkin, chia, flax and cinnamon.  This morning, I plopped them in the jar and heated it just a tad to melt it all together.

Then added the toppings of blackberries, blueberries and a eensy little piece of a Blueberry Apricot Oat Blondie (that I made this weekend).

All set for my hour car ride. Scrumptious! 

In an attempt to look professionally sheek, I sported one of the new outfits I bought this past weekend.  

Guess you can't really see it, but it was cute.  Sexy ruffles just say "I am poised yet promiscuous."

Work was a blur, mainly because I wasn't in the office very much.  I did sneak out to take out one of my co-workers/good friends to lunch for her b-day.  The food was great but the company was even better.  Love catching up with good friends over lunch. 

When we got home, Toly and I managed to squeeze in an abbreviated gym sesh.  We have not been having much luck with getting in gym time after work.  You see, our gym is tiny and there are only a few machines.  No one EVER uses it and it's rare that we ever see anyone even walking near it; however, every year right around this time, people suddenly decide they want to start to exercise.  Now, I am all for people wanting to get into shape; however, these people are ridiculous!  I mean really, my grandmother could walk faster on a treadmill or do a more effective bench press. I don't mean to sound harsh, but when you seriously want to work out and have to give up your gym time for these posers, it gets frustrating.  It usually doesn't last very long.  I give it a few more weeks and we shall have our gym back.  

Okay rant over.  

Moving on to dinner….

Apricot Stir Fry with Tofu, Squash and Broccoli

My favorite of all stir fries! 

Well I feel like I have so much catching up to do on your blogs.  I missed an entire 2 days!!!

Before I dive in, here is a question for the night…

Does anyone else get annoyed with sharing gym equipment? Be honest, how annoying is it when you have a grazer who watches you, waiting for the machine? What do you do? I usually feel bad and cut it short, but I get so irked!!!!  

Night my friends!!



  1. That stir-fry sounds awesome! The blondie that you put on top of oats = whoa! Can you send me the recipe please? AND YOU BAKED!! ;) I'm so happy for you and your new job. Seriously, when you look forward to going to work then you know it's alll good hehe. By the way, I LOVE the outfit and your beautiful face with the killer smile.

    Ohh gosh the people who are all about the NY resolution and then they fall off and never come back lol. It gets annoying moreso with the parking. I don't rush if someone is waiting for me because it doesn't really take that long anyway. Besides, they could be stretching in the mean time if they want to do something besides stand and wait lol.


  2. You are too cute! It almost looks like there is a gummy bear in your oats :)

  3. So glad you're loving your job! Your outfit looks cute- I love ruffles. Yayy for stir fry- a quick and delicious dinner. Ah! I hate when people grazer. I keep rocking out and pretend I don't notice them ;)

  4. You're lookin' great for your new job, Lauren!! :D

    Ha, "as long as I can manage it all" ... I'm right there with you!!

  5. Very cute shirt!! I haven't belonged to a gym in forever, but I do remember how much I hated sharing equipment! Must be why I made myself a home gym! Ha!

  6. oooo I love the top!!!! That's why I love having my gym at my own house :)

  7. im sure you looked great in your new outfit!! i am the same way with stress :)


  8. Faux worker out-ers piss me off! Seriously, either work out or don't, but don't waste my workout time watching Maury while sitting on the only recumbent bike! Rant over.... thanks for listening! ;-)
    I love stirfry's too, especially with fresh pineapple. I haven't made one in forever, though. I've been stuck on a Spiralizer kick.

  9. Oh the stirfry sounds fab! Mmmm apricot has my mouth watering!

    People are supposed to ask if they can work in but a lot of folks don't so they hover and yes that tends to get annoying.

  10. Hell yes I get annoyed! :)

    Supa cute ruffled shirt girl!

  11. your food creations are so good at making me hangry! even if i've just eaten! hahaha they look DELICIOUS!

  12. Poised but promiscuous! Love it! How the heck do you eat oats in a jar while you are driving?!? Motherhood is going to be a snap for you.

  13. I totally know what you mean with the rezzie gymmers! I wouldn't mind if they were breaking a sweat and pushing themselves you know? I'm scared to go to the school gym tonight.

  14. ah.. poised yet promiscuous! I LOVE YOU! so cute. those OIAJ look so decadent. what a yummy combo. ugh i TOTALLY hate that at the gym. they want to "work in" between your sets and it is like, um.. no thanks, you can wait. haha.. i geuss that struck a chord with me. enjoy the rest of your day, love!

  15. love the top :) I just recently got a ruffled shirt and I love your description - perfect!

    glad the job is going well!

  16. ohhh i can totally tell your outfit is a cute one! i tend to love the black ensembles!

    what did you use to make that stirfry? the apricot in it sounds delish!

    and yes, i get annoyed. it just is what it is :)

    love ya!