Sunday, August 23, 2009

And On The 7th Day....We Rest

We had the best day!

I officially believe that every Sunday should be reserved for nothing but rest. No demanding schedules, no definite plans, no work, no grueling chores...nothing but some well deserved R&R.

I can not tell you how much I enjoy a Sunday with nothing to do. It really makes starting the week so much better. Everyone should listen to the Big Man and live up the 7th day sabbath rule to the fullest.

Anyways, everything about today was just grand.

Starting with breakfast...

I first took some Kashi Go Lean Crunch (which you can not see) and poured just a tad of almond milk on top so that the cereal would get just a little mushy. (This is my favorite way to eat this cereal) Then, I added 1/2 of an incredibly sweet nectarine (which you also can not see), strawberries, kiwi and a few locally grown blackberries. Then I topped the bowl with TJ Greek Pomegranate yogurt. (This flavor was awesome, I need to remember to get more!)

This bowl of fruit delight was outstanding. And I just realized that everything about it was completely fresh and/or organic. What a feel good kind of breakfast.

Toly had a beautiful breakfast too. I made him scrambled eggs with Cinnamon raisin bread and some fresh fruit (that didn't quite fit into my bowl ;)

And because the bread just smelled so amazing, I had to have a slice as well with some Naturally More PB and 1/2 a mashed nanner.

After a beautiful Sunday breakfast, we leisurely moved on to our next item of the day....

Laying out by the pool.....

(Look at this guy with a Runners Magazine....I'm totally rubbing off on him)

We spent a wonderful couple of hours relaxing in the sun and playing in the pool.
After we got our fill, we came back home and vegged for a little, took a walk, and then worked on dinner.
Salmon was on the menu tonight. I could eat salmon every day of my life I believe, but since I don't I just savor the days when I do make it.
I marinated the fish for several hours (which is key when grilling salmon) and placed it on top one of the best salads ever humanly created.

A bed of romaine with cucumber, yellow tomato, avocado,radish, and a tad goat cheese tossed in a little apricot balsamic. Then, I piled grilled asparagus, grilled red onion, and grilled peaches.
Un-freakin-believable! Definitely made up for my measly little Caraba's Salad from last night. Beat that Carabas!
Toly ate his salmon with his preferred accompaniments. Baked Potato. But his plate looked lonely, so I made him a pretty little caprese salad.

We enjoyed dinner outside because the wheather was unbeatable. It was a perfect clear August night. No humidity, no wind, just simply refreshing!
These kind of nights call for some added ambiance of vino of course. Sammy agreed!

And that was our great day. Nothing out of the ordinary or mind blowing, just a simply pleasant Sunday that we soaked up.

The next few weekends are going to be a tad crazy, so this was the perfect way to spend our last "free" weekend for awhile.

And now, we are getting ready to watch a few episodes of Entourage and calling it a day.

How about you all? What did you do this weekend?


  1. what a great day :) Hooray for Sunday relaxing. I am so ready for bed too! Love both dinners. The caprese salad looks especially yummy (and pretty). Hope your Monday goes well (ughhh I dread Mondays!)

  2. Love the looks of your day! Nothing wrong with laid-back, relaxing days, in fact I LOVE them!

  3. So jealous of your perfect Sunday!

    I should try mashing a nanner on my ab on toast!

    You look so relaxed and happy in all your photos :)

  4. You're SO cute Lauren!! I LOVE my cereal kinda mushy too, so I can 120% understand why you splash some milk on top to met your kashi! I usually end up adding a ton cuz the cereal is SO crunchy. :) Come to think of it...we probably make the exact same kind of breakfast mix, except mine is an inversion of yours. AND I'm too lazy to put mixed fruit...mine just comes out of the freezer from a costco frozen strawberry bad. hehehehe

    Thanks for sharing pics of your fantastic laid back Sunday! I agree with you, relaxation is THE best. :)

  5. I love laid back Sundays and yours fits the bill perfectly!

    I love the salad!

  6. i went to the pool today too! it had been a while; felt so good!

  7. I'm glad you had such a great relaxing day. Love the pool pics and the salmon dinner! I spent my weekend getting ready for school which STARTS TOMORROW OH MY GOSH! Haha

  8. Awwww ... looks like a great day!! :) I agree, resting on Sundays is the best! And your dinner looks delish as always!

  9. Wheee! For sure, we definitely need to eat outside more on our deck. I wish we had more privacy!

  10. Hi Sammy!

    Oh that fish and that salad! Girl. You can cook for me anytime!!

    I had a hectic crazy weekend. Blagh. I am craving peace and quiet.