Saturday, August 22, 2009

Paying A Fortune for a Side of Salad

Howdy Folks!

I hope this day is treating you all splendid.

I've had one of those long Saturdays where nothing really exciting takes place, but you feel as though you've done more in one day than you've done in weeks.

It all started with a new PR distance on my Saturday long run. 12 miles down before 7:30am! How's that for starting the day off right? :)

I can't believe my 1/2 marathon is in just a few weeks. I know that I am all ready for this physically, but mentality, I'm not sure I'm there yet. I guess it's because it's my first 1/2 and not knowing what to expect kind of scares me. But in a good way. All you runners out there, you know what I'm talking about right?

Anyways, after my run, I stretched and practically sprinted to the shower. I was pretty disgusting and a shower never felt so good.

Then I made some fantastic oats, but I can't show you because Toly took the camera.

He went to his parents to see our nephew this morning and wanted to capture our little cutie patootie!

Okay, so Connor is definitely cuter than my oats, but they were good mind you.

After breaks, I went INSANE on the house. Some serious cleaning took place for a good 4 hours. I'm talking hands and knees scrub the floors kind of cleaning.

I was exhausted after running 12 miles and slaving away for 4 hours, but the house did sparkle and that made me quite satisfied.

Hunger hit me suddenly around 1pm so I got to work on lunch.

This veggie burger wrap rocked! Spicy hummus, spinach, tomato, veggie burger, pickles and mustard.

With the rest of the mango salsa, a few more chips and some carrots. The remaining melon was for dessert. It was such a wonderful lunch but left me stuffed!

Kind of convenient because I still needed to do the shopping for the week. I usually don't go in the middle of the afternoon, especially after eating a big ol' lunch, so needless to say, the experience wasn't as inspiring as it usually is for me.
Actually, it was a little disappointing, because I love to grocery shop more than anything, and today, I just wasn't feeling it. I think the food baby in my tummy was getting in the way of the romance of chore. (If that makes sense)

Well, I managed to get the basics but nothing fun really spoke to me. When I shop, I usually see things and ideas pop into my head for great recipes or amazing dinner options, but nada. Oh well, guess it does save money this way.

By the time I got home, I was feeling so unmotivated and pooped. The wonderful grilled salmon dinner I had planned just wasn't happening. For one thing, it was raining (not the best atmosphere for grilling) and I was just not in the mood to cook. (Gasp! I know, this doesn't happen too often)

I asked Toly if he wanted to go out or get take out and let him pick.

He chose Carabas. We actually had a giftcard (which is really one of the only reasons we even go out to eat anymore) from my sister and bro-in law for our anniversary. Thanks Brooke and Jason!

While waiting for a table, we discovered ways to amuse ourselves...

And then realized people were staring at us, so we made up for our childish antics with a "real" pictures.

For dinner, I ordered the Insalata Firottuo (or something along those lines). It was grilled eggplant, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers and topped with a Hazelnut encrusted goat cheese medallion. (No dressing, I swear these salads are pre-dressed even when you ask for them bare. Guess its just the copious amounts of oil they use??)

Okay, it was good, but WTH!!!!! I remember getting salads at Carabas and them coming in a huge bowl that I could never finish. They used to be gigantic and this was honestly pathetic. A few leaves a slice of eggplant and canned artichokes. Really?
Toly had the Chicken Marsala. I guess his portion was more realistic, but they raised the price quite noticeably since the last time we've been there. I know its been awhile, but have we really so naive that all food is like this when you go out anymore?

And this is why we don't go out. Especially to chains. I really felt bad about spending money on something that I easily could have whipped up at home for just pennies.
I do like to go out to eat from time to time, don't get me wrong, but I really only seem to enjoy or feel its worth while when we go to an upscale or ethnic restaurant. If I am going to spend money on someone making me dinner, I feel like it should be something that I wouldn't or couldn't make for myself. Does anyone else feel that way? Does that make me logically or just a food snob?
Maybe a little of both, but I can deal with it.
Well, aside from the disappointing amount of food for the money, we did enjoy ourselves, which is all that really matters. Sometimes, it's not about the food or the price, just about being with the ones you love. And tonight, I was, so no loss!
Okay, now I'm thinking of bed and it's not even 9pm on a Saturday night.
Seriously, am I 80?
Tomorrow should be fun. If the weather is nice, we are planning another trip to the Hotel Hershey. This time, no messages or emptying our bank account, just using the pool with our passes we received last time. (Hey, we might as well get our moneys worth)
Later guys!


  1. WOW great job on the run! You totally rock girl. I know you're ready and you will do fantastic! Don't stress!

    Glad you got lots of cleaning done and what a fabulous lunch to finish it off.

    Bummer about the salad! Whats up with that?

    Enjoy your day at the pool!!

  2. You practically ran the 1/2 marathon this morning! You're so ready!

    I definitely agree--I would so much rather make my own food for a fraction of the cost. Going out to eat is simply for celebratory/social purposes in my mind.

    The salad sounded good on paper :(

  3. i guess the economy is affecting the about the salad!

  4. Awesome run!!! I bet you felt pretty darn good after you were done running and intensely cleaning : )

    And about the salad thing/restaurant thing, if that makes you a snob, it makes me one too because I completely agree!!

  5. I go to bed early most nights, too ;) Hey, early to bed, early to rise...
    Your lunch looks soo good and satisfying. I like bigger meals like that instead of snacking a lot throughout the day. Just my style :)
    Great job with the run! I have never run that far before!

  6. Totally feel the same way about chains! Especially their salads or veggie offers, they just seem like they aren't even trying.

  7. I was pretty disappointed the last time I went to Carabba's also. I had their veal marsala and it was nothing but a plateful of disappointment. Tough veal, bland sauce.

    Great job on the run!

  8. that wrap looked delish!
    i came across your blog today and i love reading it!
    i just made my own blog recently and would love it if you checked mine out!