Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last Day in OBX

Greetings once again from The OBX. I am really enjoying it here. Everything is so laid back and secluded. I've been to so many beaches, closer to home, like Ocean City, MD and NJ that are entirely overpopulated, over polluted, and more of reminiscent of drunk party towns. Don't get me wrong, this can be a good time (Bachelorette Parities, Birthdays, Weekend Trips..etc.) but, The Outer Banks is so great if you are looking for a week of pure relaxation.
Yesterday, we traveled a few miles down the road and boarded the ferry that would take us over to a remote little island called Ocarcroke. We drove our cars right onto the boat and enjoyed the 40 min. ride to the island.

Once we were there, we became pretty hungry and decided we would make lunch our first stop. We spotted this authentic little pub right away and all agreed it looks just fine.

Very cool restaurant. The interior was decorated in true
pub style; old eclectic pictures on the wall, wooden decor, college pennants hanging from the ceiling. Oh and the food was great!!

I ordered the Tuna Steak Sandwich. A huge piece of tuna marinated in a terakyi sauce and served with a key lime mustard on the side. This poor piece of fish didn't stand a chance against my rumbling hunger. I left the bun but ate the entire piece of tuna. (Definitely craving protein!)

After lunch we rode around the island and stopped at some quaint shops along the road.
We also found the lighthouse on the island....

We weren't able to climb it, but it was still neat to see.
We spent a few hours on the island and headed back to the ferry for the trip home. Waiting a 1/2 hour for the boat and then another 40 min for the ride back makes for a long day and it was already going on 5pm when we got off.
We were all pretty tired and decided to stay in again for dinner.
After dinner, the boys headed straight for the Pier to make it in time for high tide. Lena and I wanted to take a walk and do a little shopping along the way, but told the boys we would meet them there later.
Sadly, when we got there, we found out that the fishies were not biting one bit. Oh well, it was still fun.

And the boys seemed to enjoy themselves and the refreshments!

Today, I woke up early and ran along the beach. It was already incredibly hot at 6am which made for a very intense 6 mile run. Guess I'm just not use to this southern heat.
After breakfast, we packed up the car and headed right to the beach. Basically, we spent the morning, laying on the beach, listening to music, drinking beer, talking and sleeping. It was grand!

Since Toly and I will be leaving tomorrow morning, we are going to go out tonight. I think we may head up towards Naggs Head and see some of the sights up there and then grab dinner.
It's been a great couple of days and I'm sad to leave, but I guess all good things must come to an end.
Hope your weeks are going well!


  1. yay thanks for reading my blog and for your support :) i hope you come to the summit!

    and OBX rules!

  2. sounds like a great vacay!

  3. Looks like you've been having an awesome time - great pictures!!