Friday, June 12, 2009

Crazy Cleaning In My Slippers

One of the best things about being home from work, is the ability to lounge around in t-shirts, with messy hair and no make up.

And of course the advantage of wearing these all freaking day!

After my run this morning, these babies went on right away. I just love fuzzy slippers. :)

I had a nice workout today- 5 mile run and then 20 minutes of lifting at the gym. I haven't done the weight machines in awhile, so my arms were definitely feeling it, but I pushed through and felt great afterwards.

It was very muggy and humid this morning, which put me out of the mood for hot oats. I instead opted for a lovely bowl of cereal and fruit. (1/2 cup bran flakes, 1/4 cup strawberry all bran, 1/4 cup special K almond vanilla with vanilla soy milk and berries)

Con cafe and a juicy peach from NC with a spoonful of cottage cheese and a smidgen of TJ's blueberry preserves.

Quite delightful and filled me wonderfully.

After breaks, I immediately began to tackle of massive task list for the day. (By the way, Google Tasks is awesome! Love this new feature.)

I cleaned like a mad woman. I'm talking hands and knees scrub the corners of the floor kind of clean. Lets see, the floors were scrubbed, the kitchen was torn apart and polished until it glistened, the bathrooms were tidied, the laundry was folded, the shelves and glassware was dusted, and the carpets were vacuumed.

Oh and during this process, look what came!!!!

Yay! Our new bedroom furniture arrived. I love it! We finally feel mature and sophisticated with a real bedroom set and not my old childhood furniture.

After my whirlwind of cleaning, I was hungry for lunch.

Lunch was a beautiful thing...

Another salad with the usual mix (romaine and purple cabbage), cucumber, leftover carrots from last night, pickles, sun dried tomatoes, a diced fig, roasted broccoli, sprouts, 1/2 a veggie burger, a little dijon and guac.

On the side, I toasted 1/2 an english muffin with a smear of Naturally More, 1/2 a banana, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. And I also made a little parfait with some greek yogurt, kiwi, blackberries, and raspberries.

I was actually too full for the fruit parfait, so I saved it for later.

Tonight, our friends are coming over for BYOP (Build Your Own Pizza). They are HUGE pizza lovers and when I told them that Toly and I make our own pizza's all the time and they are always pretty banging, we've been talking of having them over for pizza ever since. Being pretty big pizza critics that they are, I hope that mine can compare to their usual favorites.

Should be a great time!

Hope you are having a great Friday! Any exciting plans for the weekend?


  1. what a productive day you had! I love the feeling of accomplishment after a hard day's of cleaning...and of course the warm and fuzziness of the slippers! lol...
    I like you new furniture...sleek and modern, really nice!
    Have a great BYOP!

  2. Girl, I'm glad you had fun on your vacation, it looked amazing! And I LOVE your bedroom! Love the furniture, love your bedding, love it! I hope you have fun tonight!

  3. That salad looks deeelicious!

    I painted my toenails almost the same color :D