Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Going to My Head

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel completely uncoordinated or disarrayed? For some reason, I’ve been having that kind of day. My equilibrium seems to be a bit off and I’m blaming this on my irritating little cold that I’ve been feverishly trying to keep at bay. Luckily, I’ve been doing a good job and the only effects I’ve been feeling are some sniffles, a slight soar throat, and just a little congestion (could be worse), but today, I’ve been dizzy and clumsy. Not sure what that is all about, but hopefully it will be gone tomorrow.

On a brighter note, it is Thursday already, the sun is out, and the temperature rose quite significantly. All things that make a girl quite satisfied! :)

Since we were treated to a warm sunny spring day, I thought the grill could to be put to use for tonight’s dinner. I’ve had a random craving for fresh basil for awhile so I decided to pick this up at the store this week with the intent of incorporating the herb into our menu. Tonight, I came up with a grilled Tilapia with a bruchetta salsa.
This is such a simple and quick recipe. One that doesn’t require many ingredients, but has a TON of fresh flavor.

All I did was drizzle the fish in EVOO and salt and pepper and placed on a piece of aluminum foil. I then mixed fresh basil, tomatoes, lemon juice, and feta and placed this topping on the fish. I folded up the foil on the sides, making a pocket for the fish. We put these on the grill for just about 10 min (until the fish is cooked) and, tad a! Juicy grilled Tilapia with a sweet bruchetta topping. Love this dish!

(Fish before going on the grill)

I also made a side of mashed acorn squash with goat cheese for me and roasted spuds for the boy. Toly also threw some asparagus on the grill when he put the fish on. This has to be the best way to eat asparagus. I love it grilled!

(Toly's fish fell apart a bit, but he didn't seem to mind)

This nice spring time meal was enjoyed entirely. I am so thrilled that tomorrow is Friday. We are planning to keep it low key and will stay around the house for the weekend, since Toly leaves on Sunday. Tomorrow is Friday Pizza and Ice cream night, while watching one of our favorite shows that we just found out is returning, Prison Break. Saturday, we will be doing things around the house and then spending some time together that will include a “going-away” dinner for Toly and probably a movie on the couch. After a few weekends of being out and about, it will be so nice to keep it simple this weekend!


  1. We do pizza and sometimes ice cream nights too!


    Love the plates your food is on. Super cute.

    Aw, you and the hubz are dear with your mugs!

  2. Our weekend looks like it's going to be simple, too, and I'm actually quite excited for it : )

    p.s. Dinner looks delicious!!

  3. The mashed acorn squash with goat cheese sounds fantastic! I love grilled asparagus as well, but we sadly couldn't bring our grill to our current apartment. Roasting is my method of choice nowadays, since the end result it fairly close to the grilling method :)

  4. We're having a pizza night tonight, too! (Except I think hubs is pulling for calzones, which works!) And I just may need to throw some ice cream into tonight's fix - my throat is killing me right now, and that sounds awesome!

    I cannot wait to see about your giveaway! I would really love to try some fruit butters!