Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Getaway to the Fingerlakes

For quite some time now, my good friend Jen and I have been trying to plan a weekend trip that we could take with our husbands just for the good old reason of getting away, relaxing, and having a great time. With them having a one year old and one on the way, and the mix of busy schedules and other obligations, we decided that we needed to just do it before her second one came. So, a few months ago, we planned a long weekend trip to the Fingerlakes in NY and this past weekend we finally were able to enjoy our vacation.

Saturday morning, the mini van was at our house to pick us up. We all piled in and headed up to Towanda (Brian's hometown) so that we could drop Connor off with Brian's parents. After a nice lunch with his parents, we left Connor with grandma and grandpa and drove a few more hours to Lodi, NY on Seneca Lake. Our Bed and Breakfast was absolutely beautiful and the owner and staff were more than hospitable. We settled in our rooms, decided we would get in a winery before closing time, and then made reservations at a local Austrian restaurant just down the road.

Sunday morning we woke up to a lovely breakfast prepared by the staff and made our way down and around the lake for some more wineries and sight seeing. We managed to make it around the entire lake just in time to do a quick stop for some pizza and wings and then it was back to the house to watch the big Eagles game. We actually had the entire house to ourselves, which was very nice, although the owner of the B&B, Jim, stayed to watch the game with us. The boys had a great time, eating pizza, drinking beer and yelling constantly at the TV to witness the sad loss of Philly. (Oh well, better luck next year!)

After the game, we headed into Watkins Glen (just a 15 min drive down the road) and found a great little pub/microbrewery to have dinner. We spent a few hours enjoying a good meal and laughing over stories. After dinner, we headed back to the house, built a nice fire, and all fell asleep within a few minutes.

We truly had a wonderful weekend and much needed time spent with great friends. We were all able to relax, laugh, enjoy new things, and see beautiful places. We'd like to make this an annual tradition, but that may be an easier thing said than done. We will just have to enjoy the memories and hope to plan the next one soon!
Thanks Jen and Brian for a great time!

Here are some shots of the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at. It sat right on the lake and had incredible views!

Another view of the lake from the balcony

Me and Jen by the fire

Toly and me out on the dock in front of Seneca

Enjoying a night out

Wine tasting...

And some more wine tasting

A shot of all the wine we ended up buying. More than half of this is gifts for other people, but we did end up with quite a few bottles of our own. :)


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