Thursday, January 29, 2009

Connor Duty

Last night, Toly and I were able to put our fabulous babysitting practices to use once again. For Christmas, we got our friends Jen and Brian a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants but told them the second part of the gift was that we were going to take Connor for the evening while they got to enjoy a well-deserved date night. It was perfect because they got to get out of the house and spend time together (something that is much harder for them these days) and we got the chance to hang out with one of our favorite little one-year-olds!

Connor is such a joy and I have truly been enjoying watching him grow and develop over the past year and a half. When they arrived, Jen informed us that the whole way to our home, Connor kept insisting that he was going to "Sammy's" house. Connor loves Sammy, and spent most of the night chasing him, feeding him, and playing with his toys. Sammy definitely enjoyed all of the attention.
Toly had a great time as well playing with his little buddy. They played with some toys and watched Handy Manny together while I made dinner. Toly also taught Connor a new favorite phrase...."Toly Rocks!" and was thrilled that Connor kept repeating it all night. :)
We had a great time spending the evening with Connor and love the fact that we are considered cool Uncle Toly and Aunt Lauren. It was such a pleasure to be able to offer a few hours "off" for Jen and Brian so that they could take advantage of night out. I think Toly and I take advantage of the many opportunities we have with non-demanding schedules but I am sure that it will all change someday and we will be the ones desperately seeking a few hours to ourselves. When that someday comes, its such a good feeling to know that we have wonderful friends like Jen and Brian to run to! :)

Thanks guys for letting us be cool Uncle Toly and Aunt Lauren for the night!
Connor intently watching his favorite movie (Jen tries to limit his tv watching so Handy Manny is a pretty big deal as you can see!)

The boys eating snacks and chillin after dinner. (Sammy is of course being on careful guard for any dropped cookies)

Dinner time! We discovered a new favorite tonight...strawberries dipped in ketchup!

Toly teaching Connor to say "Toly Rocks!"


  1. Aw, thanks for posting such nice things about our family! You guys are the best and we can't wait to return the favor someday!

  2. Hopefully that someday is a few years down the road!