Sunday, January 4, 2009

10 Things I like about you...

In church today, the Pastor gave us a little task of letting our spouse or someone that we care about, know the top 5 reasons why we like them so much. It's a good way to remind ourselves that the people in our lives are gifts and we should really see them everyday as a true God given gift.
As much as I whole-heartedly believe this truth to its absolute fullest, I, like many others, often forget to express how grateful I am for my husband and all of his amazing qualities.
So here is my list. I decided to make it 10, rather than 5, because truthfully, I could not narrow it down. :)

10. You have one of the biggest hearts I know-you love children and will make the most amazing dad someday

9. You give so much to others and expect nothing in return

8. You work extremely hard at your job and strive for more everyday

7. Although you may not always agree with me, you always listen and respect our differences

6. You let me park my car in the garage so I will never be cold

5. I can rely on you to be the provider of our family

4. You are and have become quite the handy man, proving to me that you are able to fix more things that I ever imagined you would be able to

3. You take care of Sammy (feed, walk, clean up after him) so that I can have more time to do other things

2. You make me smile everyday

1. Making me happy is the only thing that truly makes you happy

I encourage everyone to take a few minutes this week and do the same thing for someone that you love. Just let them know a few things that you love about them and it will make you and your loved one feel so thankful for each other.

I also love how crazy you are about sports, even though I emphasize the "crazy" sometimes!

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