Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas came early...

Christmas came early this year for one particular person. A very well-deserving father of mine was quite surprised tonight when we all decided to give him his gift a few days early.

This year, the family all chipped in and got him a 42in plasma tv that he has been not-so subtly hinting at for quite some time. We all got the hunch he had been wanting one after his continual little inferences of how "nice" every one's tv's were and how he wished that someday too, he could have one just as nice.
Well there will be no more wishing and hoping for him. My nanny, pappy, uncle, sister and brother-in-law all conjured at my parents this evening to watch the game and "bake Christmas cookies." We decided to send my dad out to pick up dinner, which is when the boys got their chance to run downstairs, hull up the large device and quickly attempt to hook it up so it would be waiting for him when he returned. The plan was to switch the two tvs and act as though nothing had happened when he walked through the door.
Well, he came back, looked at the tv to check the score and walked right into the kitchen without saying a word. HE DIDN"T EVEN NOTICE!!! It took him a few moments, but once he realized that there was a big screen plasma in his family room, he was blown away!
All in all, it was a great night and so gratifying to make my dad so happy. He does so much for others and never expects anything in return, that giving a little something back to such a gracious and caring man is so much better than getting any gift.

Merry Christmas dad!

A shot of the fit perfect in their new entertainment center!
The boys frantically getting it hooked up before Dad came home
Once he realized there was a new TV in the room
Figuring out some of the 'tricks' we had ben playing on him

One happy with his big TV


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