Sunday, December 21, 2008

Babysitting night

This past Saturday night, Toly and I were on babysitting duty to our 15 month old nephew Conner. We gladly offered to let Lena and Steve take a night off and enjoy a nice evening to themselves while Toly and I entertained a very curious and adventurous little boy. It is amazing how much Conner has grown in the past year and seeing him develop into the toddler phase is insightful, amusing, adorable and quite tiresome.

I truly admire mom's like Lena and my good friend Jen who stay at home with their children and invest every second of their time into their lives. I can't imagine how exhausting it must be but at the same time incredibly rewarding.

Toly and I are excited to venture into parenthood, someday, but for now, are just fine with playing 'babysitter' for the night!

Conner with Aunt Lauren

Conner and a very proud Uncle Toly
Conner carefully making sure Sammy doesn't try to take his french fry.
The boys chillin on the couch
Conner breakin' it down
Both of us were ready for bed-time


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