Sunday, December 14, 2008

AC Trip

Another eventful weekend was had and it all began Friday morning as we picked up Toly's parents and hit the road. They were about to start their vacation of a 9 day cruise and we volunteered to drop them off in New Jersey at the port. We decided to take advantage of the day off work and extend our little road trip into an overnight stay in Atlantic City. We both enjoy a little AC fun every now and then (Toly probably more than me) but regardless, it was nice to get away for the night. Needless to say, we didn't exactly 'hit-it'big' but we did come out of it with a comped room (we expereinced some major issues with the heat in our room) and a little extra spending money to take home. That's always a sucessful AC trip in my book. :)

Sammy enjoyed a sleep over at Aunt Lena and Uncle Steve's and of course got to play with his two favorite cousins-Conner and Rocky! He must have gotten more attention than normal, because by Saturday night, he was wiped.

Just a few more days until Christmas and we still have some shopping to finish up with this week. Along with a few Christmas parties, some attempted cookie baking, and all the wrapping I have to do, I'd say I will be fully engaged in the Holiday spirit.


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