Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best day of my life....

Well, that's it! The Podolsky wedding took place this past Saturday and what an incredible day it was! The entire weekend was a blast and it all started Friday when Toly's family arrived from Cleveland. We met up with everyone at Valley Green for the rehearsal and then went to start the party at the Italian Oven for a lovely dinner with our friends and family. I spent the night at my parents house with my sister (just like old times). We woke up Saturday morning to one of the most beautiful days of the summer; sunny, big puffy white clouds, and a slight breeze.....perfect for an outdoor ceremony. Toly and I decided that we would not be seeing or speaking to each other until our big moment; however, I did receive a little surprise from my soon to be husband of a dozen roses delivered to my parents house that
morning. :) Of course, it made me cry for the first time that day. My dad made me and my bridesmaids a wonderful brunch where we all relaxed and spent the morning in anticipation. After getting our hair and make up done, we headed to Valley Green to get dressed. Once we were there, Kris and her husband (the photographers) arrived shortly
after to start shooting every little moment they could capture. Before I knew it, it was 5 o'clock and even though the pastor made an almost "fashionably" late entrance, everything was ready. I can't really begin to describe the moment when I walked out and saw Toly. It was pure magic!!! I didn't think I could be more possibly in love with this man until I saw him standing in front of all those people with tears in his eyes and the most magnificent smile I have ever seen him reveal. The whole ceremony was perfect and before we knew it, we were "husband and wife!!"
The reception was such a blast!!! We danced the night away with all of our family and friends and definitely did not want it to end. Well, okay, maybe Toly was a little anxious to get to the Hilton. ;) We spent our first night in the most beautiful room, which came equipped with champagne, strawberries, and one of the most incredible views of the city I have ever seen.

I really could not imagine a more perfect day. It is often said that girls dream of their wedding day for most of their lives, and I would be lying if I didn't admit that I've often fell into that cliche. This day; however, surpassed those dreams by far. I am so blessed to have amazing friends, unbelievable family, and the most incredible husband I could ever ask for.
Now, we are just anxiously waiting to leave for the honeymoon next week. The fun just doesn't end!

Mrs. Podolsky


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