Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unexpected Adventure

After a long two week wait from the wedding, the day finally arrived that Toly and I had been anxiously waiting for....our honeymoon! We decided many months ago that we wanted to do a cruise to the beautiful, tropical, and serene Caribbean, and as nice as the islands may be, we sadly did not get to experience that paradise. Our 9 day 8 night excursion was "supposed" to take us to San Juan, St. Thomas, and Turks and Cacaos; however, after one day at sea, we were floored when the captain announced that the itinerary had changed due to hurricane Gustave. We would now be stopping in Port Canaveral, FL. Freeport, Bahamas and Nassau, Bahamas. Okay, not what we had in mind, but at least we were still getting some of the tropics, right? WRONG! The next day we were again surprised when the captain decided that we would not be stopping in Nassau due to hurricane Hannah. We would instead be going to Freeport a day early and were to stay posted for our final stop! After we found out that all of our wonderful excursions were canceled, we got off the ship in FL. and had the option of being shuttled to a Walmart or 7-elven. Needless to say, we quickly realized that this was not going to be the dream vacation we had anticipated. So we crossed our fingers that the final stop would be great and hopefully make up for all of the places we missed out on.....we were hoping, Bermuda or Jamaica.....okay lets just say Newport, Rhode Island wasn't anywhere close in our realm of thinking.

Despite the changes in the itinerary, Toly and I still managed to maintain a good outlook and fully enjoy ourselves. We spent most days, laying in the sun, soaking in hot tubs, getting massages, and just enjoying being together. We actually became quite famous on the ship when Toly entered in the blackjack tournament and won first place and also with our debut to fame on the The Love and Marriage Show. By the end of the week, we couldn't walk out of our cabin without someone congratulating us or letting us know that they saw us on the tv!

As much as we wanted to swim with dauphins or go deep sea scuba diving, it didn't matter because ultimately, Toly and I had a wonderful time. We were together, in love, and so happy to celebrate being married. I don't think we will be cruising or traveling to the tropics during prime hurricane season again; but, regardless, it was definitely an unexpected adventure!


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