Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Final Days...

Well, it's almost here. The BIG day. I always thought that sounded a bit trite when I heard it being said before, but now that its actually my 'big' day, I can honestly admit that I am feeling the weight of this wedding. This week has been busy busy busy, as I am managing to get all the last minute things together with the most appreciated help with my mom and bridesmaids. I don't know what I would do without them! :) Especially, since Toly has been away this week on his first business trip with his new job. Perfect timing, I know, but I digressed and handled myself quite well without him. Now with just 2 days left, I am done with work and can fully focus on all of the details that need to be accomplished before Saturday. I'm sure everything will come together, and if not, oh well, all that will really matter is that Toly and I will be married! At least, the weather will be nice! (Crossing my fingers nothing changes with the forcast!)

Well, that is all for now. This will be my last blog as a single woman and when I post next, I will try to put up some pictures from the wedding.

(Here is one of Toly and I the first month we were dating. Wow, we look soooo young!)


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